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A Leading Air Conditioning and Commercial Refrigeration Company Found a Chief Digital Officer

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An industry leader in providing cooling solutions for several decades found themselves in need of a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for their Customer Service Operations. Their objective was to stay ahead of the competition by leveraging digitisation and IT to enhance the customer and channel experience. They sought a senior professional with decades of experience – not just in Customer Service Operations but also in technology assessment and adoption.

WisdomCircle: The Go-To Platform for Experienced Professionals

When faced with this challenging requirement, the company turned to WisdomCircle. As a tech-powered platform with the largest pool of experienced professionals over 50, WisdomCircle was perfectly positioned to help them find the right candidate.

How WisdomCircle Sourced the Perfect Candidate

Once the company listed their role on the WisdomCircle platform, a comprehensive search was initiated. The platform was scoured and beyond to find an exhaustive list of candidates. The list was then further filtered to ensure only the best and most relevant candidates were showcased to the organisation. This due diligence saved the organisation significant time, as they only wanted to interview limited and thoroughly vetted candidates.

The Perfect Candidate: A Blend of Experience and Expertise

The organisation was able to select a candidate who perfectly suited their needs and goals. The chosen candidate boasted of 30+ years of experience and expertise in CRM and Service Delivery. He had previously headed the consumer experience and service design for an Indian home appliances MNC. Additionally, he had set up CRM and Service Processes for a consumer good MNC in several countries. He was also experienced in product development and IoT technology.

WisdomCircle: Your Solution for Business Excellence

Are you on the lookout for professionals who can help ensure business excellence? WisdomCircle can find the perfect candidate for you. With a vast pool of experienced professionals and a proven track record of matching the right candidate to the right role, WisdomCircle is your go-to platform for sourcing top talent. Whether you are looking for a seasoned professional for a specific role or someone with broad experience to guide your team, WisdomCircle can help you find the perfect fit.

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