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WisdomCircle is a global platform that connects retired professionals to relevant, meaningful engagements. These retired professionals, typically above 50, have accumulated wisdom & skills over a lifetime of experience. We call them the “Wisdom Generation”, or “WisGen”.

Our Team

Why Do We Believe That We Can Make a Difference?

We are an intergenerational, mission-driven team with a strong sense of community. All of us have a unique story of how we came to be here and are dedicated to what we do. We love stories, listening to them and telling them, both.

Abhishek Kushwaha

Product Designer

Ambuj Saxena

Talent Solutions Specialist

photo of a man

Avinash Jha

Lead, Key Accounts

Deepa Balehittal

Business Development Manager

Deepali Bhagare

Account Management

A man standing

Hemant Singh

Full Stack Engineer

Jaonna, A WC team member's photo

Joanna Sundharam

Head of Product

Mansi | WisdomCircle

Mansi Daga

Talent Solutions Specialist

A woman's photo

Namrata Shanbhag

Head, Corporate Development

Neeharika | WisdomCircle

Neeharika Shetty

Head, Business & Operations

Niharika Kabra

Lead, Marketing

Neeraj Sagar

Founder & CEO

Neha | WisdomCircle

Neha Kalra​

Lead, Sourcing

Preet Mishra

Tech Lead

A woman looking away from the camera

Priyanka Chinchanekar

Senior Associate, Sourcing

Rishima | WisdomCircle

Ridhima Damodar

Lead, Special Projects

Riya | WisdomCircle

Riya Baheti

Associate, Social Impact

Sakshi | WisdomCircle

Sakshi Omkar

Talent Solutions Specialist

Saonli, A WC team member's photo

Saonli Sen

Visual Strategy

Shitanshu | WisdomCircle

Shitanshu Maurya

Lead, Engagement

Shriram | WisdomCircle


Lead, Product Operations

Swati Diwakar

Consultant, WisGen Warrior

Veronica Medeira

Executive Assistant to the Founder

Veda | WisdomCircle

Veda Dhanak

Senior Associate, Sourcing

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Vaibhavi Prashanth

Community Manager

Zairah Waris

Associate, Sourcing

Swati Diwakar

Consultant, Program Operations & Content

Veronica Medeira

Executive Assistant

Join Us!

We are a team of believers. We get a lot of stuff done quickly, along with the responsibility, accountability, and ownership that comes with it, but without compromising our health and wellness. We care about each other, deeply, it's not just about work all the time!

We value transparency, mutual respect, and creating a safe space for each other to be our authentic selves while having fun along the journey.

If you are someone who believes that anything is possible if we put our hearts and mind into it. Come join us!

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Software Engineer (Full Stack)

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