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WisdomCircle is transforming how recruiters find senior talent and how senior professionals find post retirement jobs. While many believe that there are few jobs for senior citizens or almost no jobs for retirees, the reality is quite different. Many organisations, across various sectors, are open to hiring senior professionals who bring specialized skills and knowledge to the table. WisdomCircle connects senior experienced professionals, including retirees and senior citizens, with meaningful opportunities (like consulting projects, part-time jobs, etc). These roles are often remote roles or work-from-home jobs that leverage their lifetime of wisdom and experience. At WisdomCircle we believe that retired professionals are not just senior citizens, retirees, retired persons etc. We recognize them for their wisdom, skills, and experience and hence we call them the “WisGen” short for “Wisdom Generation”

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While many believe that there are few jobs for senior citizens or almost no jobs for retired people, the reality is quite different. Many organisations across sectors such as Finance, Marketing, Automotive, Education and Social Impact are open to offering job opportunities for retired professionals who specialized skills and knowledge to the table.

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If you are looking to advise startups, mentor the younger generation, or just good part-time jobs for retirees, sign up today: https://app.wisdomcircle.com/signup/wisgen 

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WisdomCircle is not an ordinary jobs portal that has listings of retirement jobs, jobs for senior citizens, or jobs for retired persons. Instead, WisdomCircle is a unique end-to-end recruitment platform for organisations looking for senior talent. We have an AI powered matching algorithm that helps recruiters find retired professionals according to their organizational needs. We connect with reputed organisations and source jobs for retired officers, part-time roles for retirees, and jobs for senior citizens and enable professionals to apply to them. Since 2022, more than a hundred organisations have posted a variety of roles on our platform ranging from part-time jobs such as Fundraising Consultant, Talent Consultant etc.; work from home jobs such as Content Creator, Growth Capital Consultant etc.; full-time jobs such as Chief Marketing Officer, Professor of Practice – Finance etc. and many more.