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Hire Experienced Retired Professionals

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Find Meaningful Opportunities

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Hire Experienced Retired Professionals

What We Do,
and Why?

WisdomCircle connects senior experienced professionals, who are typically over 50 and retired, with meaningful opportunities that leverage their lifetime of wisdom and experience.

These professionals, we call them the "WisGen” short for “Wisdom Generation”, can serve as experts, mentors, or consultants to guide organizations and nurture talent.
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WisdomCircle Helps Match
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As recruiters, connect with WisGen looking to contribute to your organization
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As WisGen, find roles that leverage your experience and match your interests
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Available Opportunities

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Social Impact

Trusted by Reputed Organisations across Sectors

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WisdomCircle in Media

WisdomCircle and INK Talks partner to launch the inaugural
58 Over 58

58 Over 58 is a platform dedicated to celebrating the achievements of extraordinary individuals above the age of 58 who are on a remarkable journey

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Our Partners

WisdomCircle partners with like-minded organisations and alumni associations to connect their esteemed members with meaningful opportunities post-retirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you have already signed up, you can go to the login page and log into your account.
  • If you are a new user, you can fill up this form.

Please use the “Forgot password” button to reset password. You will need to, enter your registered email address, following which you will receive a reset link in an email. Do check your spam folder in case the email does not appear in your inbox.

After you login, you can edit your profile by clicking on “Profile” button that can be found in the “Account” menu (top right corner).

Any number of times. There is no limit to how many times a profile can be updated.

For retirees – There is no fee to Sign Up and explore opportunities on WisdomCircle. For some paid opportunities we may charge a service fee once you have been placed in the role.
For recruiters – There is no fee to Sign Up on WisdomCircle. Depending on the type of organization (for profit / non-profit) and nature of the role (paid / volunteering) we may charge a listing fee and a service fee. Please contact us to know more about our pricing.

Currently, there is no limit to the number of opportunities you can apply to.

We have partnered with organisations that identify with our mission. Not only have they carved out these roles for you, but they also want to make sure that their workplace is ready for you. This may take a bit of time. We appreciate your patience while you wait to be matched with an opportunity.

You can use Filters & Sort Menu available on the left side of your dashboard. You can find opportunities by sectors, functions, type of role, etc.

You can update your profile after applying for a job. The recruiter will be able to see your most recently updated profile.

Our aim is to find and list engagements which are most meaningful for you, post-retirement, not just any run of the mill jobs. We request you to continue checking our platform daily so that you do not miss out on new engagements as and when we post them.

We would love to hear more from you on the content you would be keen to host on our platform. Please reach out to us at +91-9380644532 or for any queries or suggestions.

We’d love to have your friends on WisdomCircle. Please ask them to Sign Up today!

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