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At WisdomCircle, we are dedicated to creating a vibrant, engaging, and supportive environment for those transitioning into post-retirement life. Our goal is to enable retired professionals find opportunities to work flexibly, network with peers, and learn new skills.


WisdomCircle routinely organizes events for our valued members. These sessions are thoughtfully curated to align with our community’s unique interests, needs, and aspirations. Our primary objective is to provide enriching opportunities for meaningful engagement and foster a strong sense of connection and purpose among all participants. 

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We have created a WhatsApp Announcement group and ‘The WisGen Community’ to support our members in transitioning and adjusting to post-retirement life. You have the flexibility to receive updates only or engage with other members in addition to receiving the updates.

Glimpse of Past Events

Empowering you through events that facilitate a smooth transition into retirement.

Post-Retirement jobs

Active Ageing and planning post-retirement life

Srilakshmi, founder of Vayasu and a seasoned behavioral science practitioner, shares findings from her research on active ageing and introduces our WisGen to a framework to help ‘regenerate’ their future.
Sri speaks about the importance of reflecting on your past experiences and feeling gratitude about your present to be able to regenerate your future and age actively.
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Post-Retirement jobs

Busting Myths on Estate Planning with Yellow

Estate planning is a critical aspect of financial management, particularly for senior citizens in India. As individuals age, it becomes increasingly important to plan to transfer assets and protect one’s legacy proactively.
By creating awareness WisGen can take the necessary steps to safeguard their assets and ensure the smooth transition of wealth to the next generation.
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Post-Retirement jobs

Retirement Redefined with Basav Ray Chaudhuri

Basav talks about retirement and how it has evolved from what it used to be. The linear lifecycle of education - job - retirement is under threat as it doesn't work in the world of today.
He emphasises the factors have led to this change of perspective regarding retirement and what it means to be working post-retirement.
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Post-Retirement jobs

What does it take to be an Independent Director?

It is commonly perceived among senior professionals that joining a company's board is the natural trajectory after retirement. Do you think the same? Or have you wondered if this path is right for you?
In this session, Revathy Ashok, a seasoned Independent Director, shares her invaluable experience gleaned from serving on the boards of esteemed companies such as AstraZeneca, Welspun Corp, Quess, and more. Revathy brings a wealth of insights into the multifaceted world of Independent Directors.
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This community values the wisdom of experience, encouraging its members to share their knowledge, listen to diverse perspectives, and actively participate in enriching activities and discussions.

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