On Ageing: Did You Know the Invaluable Skills and Wisdom of Older Adults?

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The special skills and experience that we develop as we get older (which chatGPT will not be able to replicate)

Working retirees bring experience and often need less training. They bring social awareness and skills for engaging with customers, including older ones. They have higher engagement levels. They also tend to be loyal rather than job hop. Many are motivated to share their experience and give back to an organization, including by mentoring younger colleagues.

These “elder” cognitive skills are valuable in the workplace. As Charlotte Yeh, the Chief Medical Officer of AARP explains “As you age, your brain doesn’t process information as fast. You might not remember everything and you’re not as quick as you were. But on the other hand, you’re a better problem solver. You have better vocabulary, better pattern recognition, better executive function. You get wiser and have more of the creativity that comes from experience.

Marc Freedman says, “We keep hearing that technology is going to render older people obsolete. But the more that artificial intelligence encroaches on traditional roles, the more it brings to force a truism: Qualities from the heart, like empathy and the ability to connect, are essential to nearly every role in society. And those qualities are the qualities that peak as we get older”

– From the book “What Retirees Want” by Ken Dychtwald and Bob Morison



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