How an Electric Mobility Startup Reached Technical Talent

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The Electric Vehicle (EV) industry requires specific, high-quality talent to drive innovation and growth. But, finding such talent can often be a daunting task, particularly when the requirements are niche and specific.

So, how can EV companies reach this hard-to-find technical talent?

Have clear and specific requirements

This Electric Mobility startup knew exactly what they were looking for – a professional with over 25 years of experience in procurement and supply chain who could help them overcome a number of challenges, including:

  • Cost reduction and optimisation
  • Alternate processes of manufacturing and substitute materials
  • Material procurement and placement
  • Optimising the weight of parts
  • Logistics and packaging optimisation

Look outside typical talent pools

With their niche requirement, the startup had to look outside the typical talent pools. They turned to WisdomCircle, an AI-powered recruitment platform with the largest number of retired professionals in India. Our unique platform opened up a whole new world of experienced professionals who were ready to share their expertise.

How did WisdomCircle help?

It didn’t take long for the organisation to start receiving applications from professionals who met their criteria. But one candidate stood out from the rest – Mrs. Hemgauri Bhandari. She ticked all their boxes and more, making her the perfect fit for their needs.

Find the perfect match

With more than 25 years of experience in the automotive industry, Mrs. Bhandari has an impressive track record. She had served as the COO of Bosch-Prettl JV Company and as the General Manager-Head Purchasing Supplier Development (India) at Robert Bosch, where she spent most of her career. Her vast experience and in-depth knowledge made her the ideal candidate for the startup.

Electrify your business with expert insights

If you’re an EV company looking for specific insights from experienced professionals on a flexible basis, consider WisdomCircle. We provide access to numerous profiles of retired professionals who are eager to share their knowledge and expertise. 

So, don’t limit yourself to the typical talent pools. Venture out and you might just find the perfect match for your EV company’s needs. 

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