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A key motivation to keep working post-retirement for many is to give back to society, and sharing knowledge is a preferred way. We are on a mission to create one million teachers and mentors from amongst the Wisdom Generation.

We do so, one, by providing teaching and mentoring opportunities to retired teachers to continue doing what they have always done, but without the administrative overheads and, two, by providing opportunities to retired professionals who have not taught before but demonstrate skill and motivation to teach and mentor others in a direct or allied domain of experience.

Sign up to the platform and share your previous experience and current interests in as much detail as possible for higher chances of a good match with a work opportunity.

Career Counselor

Help students make informed decisions about their education and career


Conduct quiz-based workshops in schools for children aged 9 to 15 years

Teach for India

Teach low-income students to provide valuable learning outcomes

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