MNC investing in internal talent through expert leadership coaching

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What was their requirement? 

A multinational industrial conglomerate recently appointed a new CFO, who had been promoted from within the organisation. While the CFO was exceptionally skilled in finance, they faced new challenges that required them to sharpen their soft skills. Expert guidance was crucial for effectively managing stakeholder relations, resolving conflicts, and other important aspects of the role.

Why WisdomCircle and how did we help?

The conglomerate understood the value of having a mentor and approached WisdomCircle to find a suitable guide. The ideal mentor would be a retired CFO from a similar multinational conglomerate background, with prior experience in coaching senior executives. After all, specific needs demand specialised platforms.

The response to their listing was overwhelming, with over 20 relevant applications received on WisdomCircle’s platform. To streamline the process, we shortlisted applications, conducted initial conversations, and connected the most suitable candidates with the organisation.

Making the perfect match

With WisdomCircle’s assistance, the organisation found the perfect advisor.

  • A certified coach with over 40 years of experience,
  • Retired as the Executive Director of Finance in a multinational industrial conglomerate

This particular alignment of expertise and past experiences made them the ideal choice to mentor the new CFO.

WisdomCircle: Your organisation's partner in executive guidance

If you think your executives could benefit from guidance from people who’ve walked in their shoes, WisdomCircle can help. We provide a platform that connects leaders with mentors who have the experience and expertise to guide them through their unique challenges.

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