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Bringing WisGen, To the World, With Love.

WisdomCircle is a global platform that connects retired professionals to relevant, meaningful engagements. These retired professionals, typically above 50, have accumulated wisdom & skills over a lifetime of experience. We call them the “Wisdom Generation”, or “WisGen”.

Our Story

We believe...

...that while, world-over, the average human lifespan is increasing, the quality of life as one ages can be better. One part of that puzzle is to stay mentally active and engaged, at a pace that suits one, in meaningful ways.

On the other hand, good talent is hard to come by, expert advisors even harder. One way of solving that is by re-integrating experienced retired professionals into the workforce in novel ways, part-time or otherwise, that prove cost-effective and impactful.

What if...

...there could be experts, mentors, across domains, who help nurture talent and guide organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit, through continuous engagement?

...there could be a million teachers & mentors, who rise from those who have a lifetime of professional experience, whether they have taught before or not?

...we could help retiring armed forces personnel transition into the civilian world of work?

There’s so much more, we are just getting started.

What if by amplifying forces around the world working towards #retiringretirement, we indeed truly retired retirement, and everyone would be the better off for it, strained public systems, organizations that can now benefit from continued oversight and contributions from very experienced professionals, and of course, retirees themselves.

Thus, WisdomCircle.
Bringing WisGen, to the World, with love.

Why WisdomCircle Is Best Suited to Make This Match

We understand both recruiters and WisGen!

Matching Experience

WisGen have skills & experience across domains that take a lifetime to build
WisdomCircle connects WisGen to relevant, meaningful engagements
Recruiters need experienced persons with a niche and specific skillset

Ensuring Flexibility

WisGen often want part-time roles, with low or no commute, which pay commensurate to their experience
WisdomCircle provides tailored opportunities with customizable time commitments and payment structures
Recruiters need continuous but part-time engagement with experienced persons that may be utilized flexibly as per business needs

Creating a Win-Win Ecosystem

WisGen are natural & willing mentors who are excited to share their learnings & experience; yet some may face ageism when they look for work
WisdomCircle actively sensitizes recruiters about the importance and utility of hiring WisGen and co-creates these roles with them
Recruiters need to have diversity, equity, and inclusion in their workforce; to provide learning & growth to their employees