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CFI Members!

If you are a member of the Coaching Foundation India, find exciting opportunities by signing up with us.

We are delighted to partner with the Coaching Foundation India. We look forward to connecting certified coaches who can address diverse needs of all leaders of organizations with meaningful work opportunities aside from coaching.

CFI members have deep expertise in developing leaders and contributing to their effectiveness using coaching and allied capabilities. Their solutions address the diverse needs of executive leaders, young and emerging leaders and founders and promoters of businesses. They deliver these solutions through their enviable and much revered pool of coaches and mentors who have successfully completed their flagship Post Graduate Program in Executive Coaching or Trusted Mentors Program.

Available Opportunities

Spanning three focused areas

Grand Manager Program
Mu Sigma

Guide and mentor young leaders to grow professionally and personally

World Class Manufacturing Expert
IFB Industries

Guide in development & implementation of best-in-class manufacturing processes and infrastructure
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Head of Transformation

Help a manufacturing organization transform their processes, culture, and more

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Math Tutor
Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA) Pvt. Ltd.

Teach maths to students up to Grade 10

Code India Fellowship – Director

Set up the end-to-end strategy and execution for Code India Fellowship Program

Professor of Practice
Sri Vishnu Educational Society

Teach college students in various fields like management and engineering 

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Communications and Content Writing Consultant
Naz Foundation

Help develop content to increase awareness and fundraising
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Board Member (Updeshak Program)
Dhwani Foundation

Help provide direction and structured governance to rural NGOs

Accounts and Audit Consultant
Fly Higher (FHI)

Help required with FHI’s accounts and audit work at the end of the financial year

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