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We Helped An Indian Industrial Company Prepare for Global Expansion

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A manufacturer of air compressors in India had global ambitions. They wanted to prepare their organization for international expansion and sought to ensure they were ready to meet any challenges that could arise. Their plan was to smoothen the process with the assistance of professionals who had experience in the global expansion of a similar-sized organisation.

Why Did they Approach WisdomCircle?

Given the specificity of their requirements, they were certain that WisdomCircle, a platform that provides access to the largest and most diverse pool of senior retired professionals in India, was the right choice for their hiring needs. They were hoping to fill positions for Finance, HR, and Technology experts, and were confident that WisdomCircle could assist them in their search.

Upon listing the roles on our platform, their niche requirements led to us launching a simultaneous search for the right talent. After a careful and precise search, we were able to fill the roles of the technology and finance experts.

The Finance Expert:

The finance expert we found for the company has over 35 years of experience in the finance industry. He conceptualised and grew a major pharmaceutical company’s capability centre in Bangalore and scaled business verticals focusing on the US, Japan, and Europe. He also served as the Managing Director of the same pharmaceutical company. His wealth of experience was a valuable asset to the industrial company as they prepared for their global expansion.

The Tech Expert:

Our search also found a senior technology professional with more than 25 years of post-doctoral experience in engineering research, product design, analysis, technology foresight, and innovation. He previously held multiple technology positions at Airbus and GE. His expertise in technology and engineering research was a crucial addition to the team as they prepared to take their operations to the global stage.

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WisdomCircle: Your Solution for Business Excellence

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