WIRTGEN GROUP: Finding an HR Expert to navigate transformational growth

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The WIRTGEN GROUP is an internationally operating group of companies in the construction equipment industry. As a technological leader, they offer customers mobile machine solutions for road construction and road rehabilitation, plants for mining and processing minerals or recycling material and for the production of asphalt.

What was their requirement? 

The WIRTGEN GROUP, a  renowned name in the construction equipment industry,  prepared for a period of exponential growth, it was evident that strengthening their HR system and processes was essential.

This was a transformative journey, and they needed an experienced and strategic HR advisor to guide them through it.

Why WisdomCircle and how did we help?

The leadership at WIRTGEN was not only familiar with WisdomCircle but had even previously participated in a leadership development workshop conducted by our founder, Neeraj Sagar. The impact of this workshop prompted WIRTGEN to identify areas within the organisation that could potentially perform better with strategic guidance from experienced stalwarts. WisdomCircle was considered the ideal platform to source such candidates.

Once the role was listed, it attracted several applications. However, our prior experience with the organisation and awareness of their specific requirements made the selection process more streamlined, helping us find the ideal candidate – Mr. Ramesh Sankar S.

Meet the Ideal Candidate

Mr Ramesh Sankaran S brought with him the following experience:

  • 40+ years of experience leading HR teams in the steel, automobile, FMCG and technology sectors.
  • Founder and Chief Joy Officer for Hrishti, a social enterprise to act as a platform to give back to society.
  • Previously was the Executive Vice President of Human Resources for Siemens India.

Mr. Ramesh Sankar S shares:

“WisdomCircle has enabled me to share my experience in enabling leaders in business and HR to realise their goals through the best involvement of people. My role at WIRTGEN is to enable the leadership team to involve all employees in realising their business vision and also facilitate the evolution of an HR strategy based on the business strategy. WisdomCircle is also partnering with me to give back to society in my little ways.”

Ramesh Shankar S

Strategic HR leader & Coach

Strengthen your transformative journey with experienced talent

The transformative journey of the WIRTGEN GROUP and the crucial role played by Mr. Ramesh Sankar S in this journey is a testament to the power of strategic HR leadership. It underscores the importance of experienced guidance in enabling a company to not just grow but to evolve in a manner that’s beneficial to all stakeholders.

If you too, like the WIRTGEN GROUP, are seeking talent who have ‘been there and done that‘ before, check out WisdomCircle. We can help you embark on your transformative journey.

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