Benefits of Hiring from WisdomCircle

Benefits of Hiring from WisdomCircle

WisdomCircle is a pioneering AgeTech platform that bridges the gap between retired senior professionals namely the WisGen* and recruiters who want to hire these experienced professionals. Our purpose is to redefine retirement and make it a choice for retirees and not a compulsion. With the current skill gap in the global market, organisations must look outside the purview of traditional hiring and use the treasure trove of talent that is available right in front of them. Outlining in this article are just some of the benefits of hiring WisGen from the WisdomCircle platform.

  • Exclusive talent pool

WisdomCircle is the largest senior citizen job portal in India giving recruiters access to tens of thousands of WisGen across sectors and industries who are looking to be meaningfully engaged. They have more than 25 years of experience and are available across seniorities. They are very enthusiastic to rejoin the workforce and leave a legacy behind. 

  • Combined search experience of 75+ years 

The execution team at WisdomCircle team that ensures closures of the job opportunities on the platform has a combined Executive Search background of more than 75 years. They are the best of the best and as we like to say in WisdomCircle, if the person exists in the world for a specific requirement, we can find them for you. 

  • Reduced recruitment cycle

A full cycle of recruiting includes preparing, sourcing, screening, selecting, hiring, and onboarding1. It can usually take anywhere between three weeks to two months. WisdomCircle considerably shortens this time by how we operate. 

1. Preparing:

The recruiter has to identify the requirements and feed the requirements on the platform in the form of a job listing. This task is made easier by the prompt-driven format of posting a job opportunity on the platform, where the recruiter would just have to answer questions for a JD to be drafted at the end.

2. Sourcing of profiles

There are three ways in which WisdomCircle sources relevant candidates: 

  • Organic Applications: WisGen who apply for the job after seeing it on the platform or getting recommendations for the same. 
  • AI recommendations: We have an inbuilt AI tool that matches the job description to WisGen profiles in the database and gives recommendations for the best matches. The recruiter can nudge these WisGen to explore and apply for the role.  
  • Multi-channel Sourcing: If a role is very niche and industry-specific, then the execution team does multi-channel sourcing to get recruiters the right candidates. The job opportunity is pushed on multiple other channels to increase visibility and reach. The execution team nudges the right people to apply for the job opportunity.

3. Screening of profiles

The execution team at WisdomCircle takes a first pass at screening the applications based on the qualifications, geography compensation expectation, etc. of the candidate. In essence, this means that even if the recruiter wouldn’t have to look at all the applicants who have applied but only review those who are the most relevant for the position. 

Additionally, while listing the job opportunity, the recruiters have the option to ask questions to the candidate about the industry, their experience, or anything specific to the job. The quality of their answers can also help recruiters decide whether they are the right fit or not. 

4. Selecting of profiles

Recruiters shortlist candidates on the platform and someone from the WisdomCircle internal team connects you with them. If required, we also facilitate setting up interviews and ensuring that the process goes smoothly.  

5. Hiring and Onboarding

Once the candidates are shortlisted, interviewed, and finalised, WisdomCircle offers the option of managing payroll for the recruiter. This essentially means that the WisGen they are planning to hire, officially signs a contract with WisdomCircle and is on our payroll. This may be useful for organisations that need to keep their headcount in check and who want to hire WisGen on a contractual basis. 

  • Verified profiles and Reference check

WisGen get the option of getting their profiles verified which makes them more visible and credible to the recruiters. Additionally, we also provide recruiters with reference checks of the finalised candidates depending on the plan they opt for.

  •  Cost efficient

The traditional recruitment process can be lengthy and expensive. This is especially true for hiring senior professionals of the experience and caliber that we have on the platform. WisdomCircle is a relatively cost-effective option for recruiters who get quality in terms of candidates and services. 

These are only some of the benefits of hiring top talent from WisdomCircle. These success stories and testimonials speak for our talent pool and the quality of services that we offer. 



*those over the age of 50 with a lifetime of experience.

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