10BedICU benefits from outside industry hire


The 10BedICU project was started in Mar 2021 in the wake of the Covid-19 delta wave spike in India, in order to create critical care ICU infrastructure in rural and smaller government hospitals. Today they have created over 200 10BedICUs in government hospitals in 9 states of the country.

10BedICU’s objective

The primary goal of the 10BedICU project is an ambitious one – to blanket every district in India with at least one 10-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) facility. This endeavour was undertaken to provide critical healthcare infrastructure to the country’s rural areas. 

What was their requirement? 

The rapid scaling of the project required a specific skill set to manage the financial aspects, and thus, the need for a finance controller arose.

Why WisdomCircle?

The search for the right candidate led them to WisdomCircle, which has the largest pool of retired professionals on its platform. They were looking for experienced financial professionals who are also passionate about the causes they would be working for. Within a matter of a few weeks, we found the perfect fit for 10BedICU – Ms. Sujatha Sundar.

What made our candidate a good fit?

Ms. Sundar, interestingly, had never worked in the social or healthcare sector before. Her strong experience and expertise lay in finance across industrial, technology, and service industries. However, she was a firm believer in the importance of 10BedICU’s work. In spite of coming from a different industry, Ms. Sundar was able to bring her financial acumen to the table and contribute significantly to the project.

 “If you need to sharpshoot for talent, WisdomCircle is the best place to go. Probably the only place to go to. Most organizations need very specific roles, part or full time, to be filled with people with deep experience. It’s impossible to hire someone like that without WisdomCircle.”


– Anonymous executive from 10BedICU

Think outside the box. Hire from WisdomCircle.

As one of the best, if not the only, places to look for specific roles, part or full time, we specialise in finding people with deep experience in their respective fields. We understand that most organisations need very specific roles filled by individuals who are not just deeply experienced, but also passionate about their work.

Don’t limit your search to your industry alone. Embrace the diversity and the wealth of experience that comes from different sectors as well as age. After all, success lies in diversity and WisdomCircle can help you achieve just that.

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