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7 Ideas for Better Networking During Midlife

About the author :

Rishi Khanna currently manages investments in public and private markets for his family office TreeForest Capital. He is also Managing Director of the Trimaster Group. Prior to this Rishi was managing director of C&S Electric Limited, which was acquired by Siemens in February 2021.

Of late, Rishi is spending time on his Foundation activities. Scholarships for higher and specialised education is one theme he is exploring. He is also an active member of the YPO’s Delhi chapter.

He can be reached at rishi@treeforest.capital.

7 Ideas for Better Networking During Midlife

As the pages of life turn to the midlife chapter, the essence of networking transforms. Gone are the days of frenzied accumulation of contacts, replaced now by a more introspective curation of connections that resonate with our matured aspirations and evolved selves.

Standing at the crossroads of midlife, integrating into the right networks becomes a critical element in carving out a second act brimming with purpose and impact.

Here are 7 ideas for your consideration on getting more mindful about your Network.

1. Reflection Before Connection

Midlife often ushers in a period of introspection, an invitation to pause and reflect on the networks you’ve woven over the years. It’s a crucial moment to assess which relationships align with your evolved priorities and which merely echo a past version of yourself. This introspection is about understanding the depth and value of your connections, ensuring they mirror your current path and future aspirations.

2. Quality over Quantity

The wisdom accumulated by this stage of life teaches the value of depth in connections. Networking transforms from a numbers game to a quest for meaningful relationships. It’s about surrounding yourself with individuals and groups who inspire, challenge, and engage with you where you stand today, not as you stood in yesteryears.

3. Harnessing the Power of Patience

The urgency of youth gives way to the power of patience in midlife. Employ this patience strategically in your networking efforts. Recognise that the most rewarding connections are those cultivated and nurtured over time, fostering relationships that flourish organically.

4. Cultivating New Territories

Harnessing the powers of reflection and patience and one’s eye for quality is great and forms the metaphorical “roti”. But Midlife is nonetheless an ideal period to find new “achaar” as well. Unleash yourself to explore new networks that once might have seemed peripheral or daunting. Stepping beyond the comfort of the familiar can lead to exhilarating opportunities that align with your redefined goals and a revitalised sense of self. Some risk-taking is needed and false starts are inevitable. But a new you sometimes is not possible without some element of newness in the community.

5. Rebranding Yourself

Midlife is an opportune time for rebranding, stepping out with a narrative enriched by your unique mosaic of life experiences. Refine your personal brand to resonate with the networks that align with your midlife recalibration. This rebranding is not just cosmetic but a profound and fresh expression of your identity, values, objectives and aspirations.

6. Mutuality in Mentorship

Mentorship in midlife takes on a symbiotic nature. Your wealth of experience positions you as both a mentor and a mentee. Networking now involves a mutual exchange of wisdom and learning. Embrace the opportunity to impart your knowledge while staying receptive to new perspectives that can spur your growth. Consider forming or joining “Forums” with small groups engaging in mutual mentorship.

7. Digital Footprints and Face-to-Face Interactions

As much as the enduring power of face-to-face connections becomes more significant in midlife the efficiencies of online interaction opportunities are undeniable as well. Striking a winning balance between digital networking and personal interactions can lead to more profound and meaningful connections. Experiment and find what works for you. Developing hybrid skills purposefully can have a huge impact.


Midlife is an amazing opportunity to align your connections with your true and evolving self.

This is as much about reaching inward as it is about reaching outward.

It’s about forging networks that resonate with the core of who you are and who you aspire to be.

The rewards are not just professional or social but deeply personal.

So shake things up and see where you reach!!

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