How a Sequoia-funded start-up positioned itself for success

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What was the organisation’s requirement?

A Sequoia-backed seed-stage company in the automotive aftermarket components space was on the lookout for a professional who could help them crack the demand or supply side, and help the company from zero to one (and then one to ten).

Why did they approach WisdomCircle?

The company had a clear vision of what they required in a candidate. First and foremost, the candidate had to possess automotive industry expertise and technical acumen. This was crucial to guide informed decisions during a critical phase of the company’s development. Additionally, extensive connections were needed to facilitate market access in both India and the USA. This would give the start-up a broad operational base and open up multiple avenues of growth.

Experience was another critical factor. Ideally, the candidate should have senior-level experience in a significant OEM or Tier 1 manufacturer in India or the USA. This would ensure that the candidate had a deep understanding of the market and industry dynamics, and the ability to navigate the challenges that lay ahead.

How did we find the ideal candidate?

WisdomCircle played a crucial role in this initiative. We sourced, shortlisted, and facilitated the selection process to on

The detailed requirements prompted us to search extensively within and beyond our talent pool. We sought out someone who not only had the necessary experience and connections but also shared the start-up’s vision and drive. Our diligent efforts resulted in us identifying the right candidate who subsequently applied for the role.

board mentors for the programme. Picked from diverse backgrounds, these mentors were not only selected for their vast experience in leading teams but also for their exceptional people skills.

We also helped design an orientation programme to ensure the mentors were fully equipped to provide valuable guidance to the new managers.

Meet the hired Automotive Advisor for Strategy and Marketing

The selected candidate had an impressive track record. He had worked with start-ups for 8 years and had established 2 from inception. With 15 years of experience in sales & marketing and nearly 4 years of experience as a strategy and business improvement consultant, he was a perfect fit for the role. His stint at TAFE Motors for nearly 2 decades in various capacities including Sales & Marketing further cemented his position as the ideal candidate.

Find the right expertise to drive your start-up growth

This story is a testament to the power of the right expertise in driving exponential growth for start-ups. It underscores the importance of not just having a great idea, but also the right people to execute that idea. Find the right expert on WisdomCircle and set your start-up on the path to success.

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