A large data science company supports their first-time managers

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What did a large data science company require?

About 60% of new managers fail within the first 24 months. This alarming statistic emphasises the need for organisations to enhance their support systems for first-time managers. A notable illustration of this is seen in a major data science company that implemented a creative program to nurture leadership skills.

Why did they approach WisdomCircle?

To support leadership development, the data science company, in collaboration with WisdomCircle, co-designed and implemented a unique ‘Grand Manager’ programme. The aim was clear – to bring together experienced ex-managers with first-time managers, facilitating a seamless knowledge transfer and growth process.

What role did we play?

WisdomCircle played a crucial role in this initiative. We sourced, shortlisted, and facilitated the selection process to onboard mentors for the programme. Picked from diverse backgrounds, these mentors were not only selected for their vast experience in leading teams but also for their exceptional people skills.

We also helped design an orientation programme to ensure the mentors were fully equipped to provide valuable guidance to the new managers.

The Impact of the 'Grand Manager' Programme

The programme, which was launched in April 2023, has already seen a positive impact. Based on the encouraging feedback from the managers and mentors involved in the programme, it has been extended, showing the tremendous impact a well-structured mentorship programme can have on new managers, guiding them towards success.

Find mentors to support your existing talent

WisdomCircle invites individuals to connect with seasoned managers from diverse sectors to receive mentorship and guidance on their leadership path. These professionals can provide mentorship, guidance, and valuable advice to guide you on your leadership journey.

After all, every great leader was once a beginner who got the right support and guidance. Be part of the change and help create successful leaders for tomorrow.

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