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Are you “insanely” hard working?

About the author :

Rishi Khanna currently manages investments in public and private markets for his family office TreeForest Capital. He is also Managing Director of the Trimaster Group. Prior to this Rishi was managing director of C&S Electric Limited, which was acquired by Siemens in February 2021.

Of late, Rishi is spending time on his Foundation activities. Scholarships for higher and specialised education is one theme he is exploring. He is also an active member of the YPO’s Delhi chapter.

He can be reached at rishi@treeforest.capital.

In a world where the phrase ‘insanely hard-working’ often garners praise, it’s time to flip the script and consider the merits of being ‘sanely hard-working.’

This isn’t just a play on words; it’s a fundamental shift in how we approach work, success, and life balance.

The term ‘insanely hard-working’ conjures images of relentless toil, endless hours, and single-minded pursuit of success at all costs. It’s the bragging about 80-hour weeks, the executive who’s always online, the artist who neglects sleep for their craft. While this can lead to achievements, it often comes at a high cost: burnout, strained relationships, and a one-dimensional life.

Enter the ‘sanely hard-working’ individual. 

This person is no less committed to their goals, but their approach is more holistic, sustainable, and, frankly, more sane. They work hard, but not at the expense of their health or happiness. 

They understand that rest, relaxation, and recreation are not just rewards for hard work but are essential components of it. They know that a walk in the park, a good night’s sleep, or an evening with friends can recharge their batteries and boost their productivity in the long run.

Sanely hard-working people set boundaries. 

They’re adept at saying ‘no‘ when work demands encroach on personal time or well-being. They prioritise tasks, focus on what’s essential, and don’t fall into the trap of busy work. They are productive, not just busy.

Importantly, the sanely hard-working recognise that success isn’t just measured in professional achievements. It’s also about building meaningful relationships, pursuing passions outside of work, and maintaining physical and mental health. 

They see work as a part of life, not all of it.

This sane approach to work also fosters creativity and innovation. A mind that’s rested and a life that’s balanced are fertile grounds for new ideas and fresh perspectives. It’s difficult to be creative when you’re always running on empty.

In essence, being sanely hard-working is about finding a harmony between ambition and well-being. 

It’s a reminder that you can be dedicated to your work without sacrificing the other things that make life rich and fulfilling. In the long run, this balanced approach is not only healthier but also more sustainable and productive. 

It’s time to retire the badge of ‘insanely hard-working’ and embrace a saner, more holistic path to success.

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