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Career Pathways for Retired Army Officers

jobs for retired army officers

Jobs for retired army officers, employment for retirees

After serving the nation for decades, retiring from the Armed Forces is a thing of prestige. Every year, around 60,000-70,000 armed forces personnel are released from active service, with a majority of them being in their early 40s. After serving the Armed Forces the transition to life as a civilian may be challenging. Their experience serving in the Army gives them an arsenal of skills that have diverse applications and benefits in the corporate world. This may help them transition easily to the corporate world and make them front runners for many job opportunities.

This article will shed light on the potential jobs for retired army officers which are suited to the skills that they have developed over their time in the Armed Forces.

1. Corporate Trainer

After years of taking military instruction from superiors and training juniors, military veterans are well equipped to become corporate trainers post-retirement. They have extensive training in leadership development and strategic planning which gives them an edge as corporate

trainers. They can communicate complex ideas through diverse learning styles. They can adapt to situations and people and can cater to a diverse crowd effectively. Discipline and team building are qualities that are inherently inculcated in them and that is what they instil in their trainees as well.

2. Defence Contractor

Having been an integral part of the industry, defence veterans are exceptionally qualified to become defence contractors. They have the technical know-how to cater to the government military and intelligence departments and supply them with products and services effectively and efficiently. These products and services can include, but are not limited to technical support, training, weaponry,

and communications support. They have the credibility to handle sensitive matters and can gain the trust of all the parties involved, quite easily. They have the strategic bent of mind and communication skills to handle suppliers, vendors, and the bureaucracy alike.

3. Government Agency Employee

Having worked closely with the government while in the armed forces, it is relatively easy for veterans to understand the bureaucracy better and adapt to working at government agencies. They can offer a unique perspective of looking at things and work towards change from within. Their problem solving, strategic planning and decision-making skills can make them an invaluable asset in the bureaucratic machinery.   

4. Management Consultant

Management consulting pertains to identifying problems that businesses are facing and providing them with creative solutions to help them grow and sustain that growth. Veterans possess problem solving, strategic planning and decision-making skills in high stress environments, which makes them

the perfect choice for such a job opportunity. The detail-oriented and execution-driven mindset that veterans have make them indispensable as management consultants. They can operate within tight deadlines, can handle ambiguity in projects and can lead a team effectively by delegating work to get the desired results.

5. Security Services

Retired veterans are infamous for joining the security space after their stint in the armed forces, and rightfully so. They are adept at security protocols, risk assessments, and strategic planning. They are well equipped to deal with complex security challenges, having already done so in a high pressure and high stakes environment. They also have a deep understanding of threat analysis, crisis management and risk mitigation strategies. They can adapt well to different situations and address potential security threats in diverse environments. Their adherence to strict protocols and discipline makes them very effective in the field of security services.  

6.   Teacher/ Professor

Defence veterans turn out to be great teachers whose experience in training and mentoring can come in handy to teach at a school or university level. They are the de facto subject matter experts on the topic of the armed forces and can provide students with first-hand experience on different topics. This makes the class more interesting and engaging. With a little upskilling, they can also teach subjects parallel to the armed forces like politics, international relations, etc. Experience, leadership and adaptability to situations make them great teachers who can interact with people from different backgrounds and help in their learning process. Apart from the course matter, they also passively teach students the value of discipline, respect, and responsibility.


Regardless of the immense talent and skills that they possess, stereotypes about them can make getting jobs for retired army officers tough. Preconceived notions like concerns about PTSD, physical disabilities, or difficulties to adjust to civilian life can work against them to get jobs effectively. The need of the hour is to spread awareness about the skills that veterans possess and an understanding of the kind of work they have done in the armed forces which can be leveraged in the corporate world.

WisdomCircle is actively working to change this narrative and create awareness in the industry by providing employment for retirees. We have formal partnerships with the Navy Placement Cell and the Air Force Placement Cell from where we get veterans who are looking to be meaningfully engaged. We also have many organisations like Hitachi Energy India Ltd., Guardinger Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Avasarala Technologies who have hired veterans from the platform for varied functions like Human Resources, Technical Officer and so on. 


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