Claylab: Leveraging senior talent for mentorship

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Claylab is an NGO with a vision to make higher secondary education meaningful and accessible for all children. They run a 1-1 mentorship model. Volunteers from the professional world join them as Mentors and support children leveraging their Mentorship curriculum.

What was their requirement? 

Claylab was in search of dedicated and experienced volunteers. Typically, their mentor pool comprises young graduates and early-stage professionals. However, they hadn’t been actively sourcing more experienced mentors.

Why WisdomCircle and how did we help?

After listing the role with WisdomCircle, Claylab found thirty purpose-driven and dedicated senior professionals in record time. This not only filled their requirement but also brought diversity to their mentor pool.

The partnership with WisdomCircle reaped significant benefits for Claylab. The new senior professionals, with their wealth of experience and dedication, brought diversity and depth to Claylab’s mentorship program.

“WisdomCircle helped us bring diversity in our mentorship program! We wouldn’t have been able to access this senior talent pool through our own networks. Because WisdomCircle is a technology-enabled platform, hiring through them has saved us at least 10-12 hours as a team! We are quite happy with the WisGen mentors, many are emerging as top mentors in our program!”

Vivek Kaushik, CEO of Claylab Education Foundation

Find experienced professionals looking to give back.

If you are an NGO looking for volunteers who are passionate, knowledgeable, and committed, then WisdomCircle is the right platform for you. We are a unique platform that bridges the gap between experienced professionals and organisations that need them.

Through WisdomCircle, Claylab found thirty purpose-driven and dedicated senior professionals in record time, bringing diversity to their mentor pool. So, are you ready to find your next dedicated and experienced volunteers through WisdomCircle? Check us out today.

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