The Impact of Meaningful Advice

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At the beginning of each month, we ask our community members a question. After all, with their decades of professional and personal experience and growth, their wisdom deserves to be shared. This month, we asked, “What is a piece of advice you have received or read that has impacted you and changed the way you think about or view life? Please share how as well.

Read their answers below.

Mr. Vaidyanathan Krishnaiyer Lakshminarayanapuram, says, There was an interesting discussion I had with my first manager at a large corporation, which I joined after graduating as an engineer. I had approached him to resolve an issue with material quality and was looking for his advice. He asked me to propose what I think could be the two solutions and then approach him again with the problem. He basically made me attempt to solve the problem, come up with probable answers, and then discuss with his input on how to resolve the issue. This process instilled a problem-solving approach very early in my career, and the learning stayed with me throughout, and I have carried forward the same with my teams.
Mr. Ramachandran R S, an experienced IT professional with 40+ years of expertise in leveraging technology to drive business growth, says, “Well for me, it is just don’t have any regrets and live life without any expectations whatsoever from anyone. Being attached to someone or something more than what is required is harmful as it could lead to depression if we lose what we were so attached to or possessive with. So being content, detached and having a no-regret way of living will lead to more peaceful living. As they say “familiarity breeds contempt” so try not to be very close to anything is advice I got and follow. Another great piece of advice is to keep learning even if it comes from your children or people much younger than you as what we learnt so far in this world is just a fist full, while what we haven’t is world full.”
Mr. Vijayakumar Pitta, an experienced organizational behavioural psychologist with 25 years of experience in global corporates, says, “I had a valuable lesson learnt in my early career. When I was a manager, a flagship project was assigned to me. With all the enthusiasm, I went to my vice president and requested that I need all the high performers to deliver the flagship project. He smiled and said, “Vijay, if every team member is a high performer, I don’t need you”. This struck me like a thunder on my face. I realized that as a manager we need to work with all types of people in IQ, EQ as well as different personalities. The strength of any manager or leader lies in how we connect them together and make the work happen. It’s an Art of Leadership.”
Prof. Azhar Kazmi, a Professor of Management with 43 years of academic experience, says, “Even after thinking a lot I am unable to pinpoint one specific instance of a piece of advice I received that impacted or changed my view of life. But there must be several instances that collectively make an impact in creating the person I am today. I really thank those unnamed mentors who instilled in me a sense of thirst for learning. This trait has benefitted me immensely throughout my career and life.”
Group Captain Prem Vir Singh, a Seasoned Defence Procurement Professional in Military Weapon Systems, says,”The advice received from my father over 60 years back that Life is to be lived in a simple and disciplined way, has impacted me over the years. This principle helped me while I served my motherland while in IAF. Even now in this phase of life, I feel discipline and simplicity are the most important and valued virtues to be adopted in this life before we leave this world.”

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