Dhwani Foundation: Retired Professionals Impacting Change


Dhwani Foundation is founded by experienced entrepreneurs and professionals from the corporate and development sectors. The journey began when the founding team realized the need for strengthening nonprofits to drive better impact on the ground. They work with multiple stakeholders to build a vibrant and credible social sector.


Meet the Updeshak programme

Updeshak is a program by Dhwani Foundation that enhances rural NGO impact. This 6-month structured initiative trains and matches skilled professionals with grassroots NGOs in child and women’s rights, disability, education, and livelihood. 

What was their requirement? 

They sought individuals with 15+ years of experience in Corporate and Government sectors to contribute in Compliance, Governance, Technology Adoption, Fundraising, and Strategy for NGOs. Their requirement made WisdomCircle the ideal platform.

How did WisdomCircle help?

Since listing with WisdomCircle, Dhwani Foundation has received numerous applications from individuals who meet their criteria. They have connected with these applicants and moved forward in the selection process. To date, over 17 individuals have joined the Updeshak program. WisdomCircle’s portal has become a pivotal tool in the Foundation’s efforts to source Updeshaks.

 “WisdomCircle’s portal has become a pivotal tool in our efforts to source Updeshaks For Dhwani Foundation.

WisdomCircle team’s understanding of the requirement and their response time is amazingly quick. Their user-friendly interface, interactions with applicants, prompt, and timely responses on the status of applicants, vast databases across all states and innovative matching process have streamlined the journey of our Updeshak candidates.

The seamless experience we’ve had with WisdomCircle in sourcing Updeshaks has been invaluable. It has enabled us to connect with highly skilled individuals who are equally passionate about making a positive impact on NGO governance.”

Harish TP

Programme Head, Updeshak 

Enhance your NGO's impact with dedicated professionals

If you’re ready to take your NGO to the next level, WisdomCircle can help you find the talent to boost your journey. Our vast database and innovative matching process can find the right professionals who can help you make a significant impact on your cause.

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