On Ageing: Did You Know the Impact of Aerobic Exercise on Cognitive Health

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Aerobic Exercise and Wits

“We may not be greatly cheered to learn that as we grow old our brains are damaged by illness and by changes that accumulate over our lifetimes, but at least there are factors over which we have some control. A main cause of losses of brain cells seems to be a decline in the efficiency of brain blood circulation.

Taking more aerobic exercises reduces risks of heart disease and diabetes, improves blood circulation and so maintains scores on intelligence tests and on tests of other mental abilities.

Even for those like me, whose jogging years hardly began and are now long past, taking our wits for long pleasant walks still makes a useful difference.”

– Dr Patrick Rabbitt, an eminent Gerontologist from University of Oxford in his research book “The Ageing Mind: An Owner’s Manual”



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