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On Ageing: Did You Know About Global Policies on Ageing?

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Global Policies on Ageing

“Aging emerges today as a global agenda that highlights a compelling moral discourse of humanitarian empathy, need and vulnerability. Its votaries often lead advocacy campaigns promising that research and programs demonstrate continuing productivity and gerontological dividends in aging societies.

Despite these assertions, aging populations are associated closely with development and modernisation, and they continue to be viewed either as a sorry, marginalised fallout of these processes or as impeding them through old-age dependency on care and support.

Aging policies still lag behind in global resources and campaigns, as they compete for support in a world of global health that prioritizes magic bullet-like cures and technocratic interventions. Its complexities make many reluctant to address it, for its scope extends far beyond the confines of chronological age, and it requires local, contextual histories and knowledge of family roles, social disparities, and welfare.

Aging needs to be seen as coupled with these issues rather than distinct from them, as these issues will make it, increasingly, the defining focus of our societies”

– Dr Kavita Sivaramakrishnan, Associate Professor at Columbia University‘s Aging Center, in her research focused book, “As the World Ages: Rethinking a demographic crisis”


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