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WisdomCircle is constantly upgrading its platform to improve usability. To achieve our goals, we put our users first, ensure the verbiage is appropriate, provide accessible content architecture, create visual simplicity and improve navigability day by day.  

Our latest feature, a key word search bar, allows WisGen (Retirees above 50, called Wisdom Generation) to search for roles by typing your preferences in the search bar. You can search by location, job title, sector, skills, and more. For example, if you are interested in senior management roles in New Delhi, you can type “Director roles in Delhi” in the search bar to see relevant opportunities. 


One user-friendly product feature that aids in engagement with the platform was launched recently to make profile creation available at the click of a button. The user’s inputs and CV are used to populate a profile that can later be downloaded. This showcases the applicants’ wisdom, unique experience and skills in just a few steps, thus doing away with the repetitive task of creating a new profile for each job application.  

Two other relevant add-ons are now up and running to help the users on the platform navigate easily in their search for relevant opportunities. The details are outlined here: 

  1. Location-based search option is enabled for Opportunities where WisGen  can search by city, state, and country. Additionally, they can choose multiple locations as well to explore roles in various cities at the same time. 
  2. Opportunity cards now display multiple locations for roles that are hiring in multiple locations. This helps WisGen make informed choices about which opportunities to explore further.  

The platform is constantly updated with new features to ensure that content displayed is useful for users. Some of them include a new onboarding experience for WisGen that captures their work-related references & background (especially for veterans) which helps in knowing our WisGen better and aiding them in their search for the relevant role.

Upcoming Features:  

  • A searchable database of WisGen that recruiters can use to find suitable candidates for their roles. 
  • Enabling LinkedIn based Sign Up and Sign In. This will allow WisGen who have LinkedIn accounts to Sign Up in just one click.  
  • A product tutorial to introduce WisGen to all the features we offer. 
  • Show compensation information brief role descriptions on the opportunity cards. 

Our product video: https://youtu.be/YOTUpZvHxTE is a quick guide for WisGen to know about WisdomCircle, how to create an account, find relevant opportunities, complete their professional profile, and apply to roles. 

The team constantly engages with WisGen to find out the problems they face in using the platform, creating profiles and finding opportunities. These hindrances are ironed out to provide an efficient user experience. WisdomCircle is steadfast in its mission to not only find relevant work opportunities for retirees but also support them in reaching the top of their game.  The evolving demographic of seniors in need of jobs is a challenging environment to be part of, but WisdomCircle is at hand to afford help on this journey.

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