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Finding an experienced professional to fill an interim senior-level role

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Are you a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) interested in electric vehicle (EV) financing? Or perhaps you require a short-term consultant to devise a cash flow and Return On Equity (ROE) focused ‘Go To Market strategy’? If so, you’re in the right place. WisdomCircle, an innovative platform for retirees and recruiters, is ideally placed to help you find the perfect candidate for your specialised role.

Why Choose WisdomCircle?

The parent organisation had previously listed other roles on WisdomCircle and hired excellent candidates who met their requirements. They were confident that WisdomCircle could find the ideal candidate for this specialised role.

Upon listing the roles on our platform, their niche requirements led to us launching a simultaneous search for the right talent. After a careful and precise search, we were able to fill the roles of the technology and finance experts.

Our Approach to Finding the Ideal Candidate

An ideal candidate for such a role would possess a strong educational pedigree and a proven track record in managing Profit and Loss (P&L) and Sales in the 2-wheeler finance industry in an NBFC or a Bank.

Because of the specificity of the role, we knew it might be challenging to find the right candidate just by listing the role. So, we didn’t stop there. Our dedicated team conducted a thorough market search to find candidates who met the specific requirements.

The Hired Candidate

In the end, our efforts paid off. We found a candidate who perfectly matched the required profile. The hired candidate had an impressive 33 years of experience in Banking and Financial Services. Moreover, he had expertise in retail finance, spanning various areas such as business, marketing, credit, collection, risk, operations, P&L responsibility, and digital transformation.

Ready to Find Your Ideal Candidate?

If you’re looking to fill a specialised senior-level interim role, don’t hesitate to leverage WisdomCircle’s expertise. We’ve proven time and again that we can connect organisations with the top talent they need.

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