Finding an Information Systems Advisor for an Engineering Company


An engineering company, known for its leadership in Cleantech Powertrain Solutions, Farm equipment, and other domains, aimed to streamline its IT functions across various sectors. The objective was to hire an expert to harmonise these diverse systems to improve overall efficiency and create a strategic roadmap for future developments. 

Why did they turn to WisdomCircle?

The engineering company had previously tapped into WisdomCircle’s pool of talent for a different role. The quality and relevance of the candidates presented, coupled with a speedy recruitment process in hiring an expert, instilled a sense of trust in the platform.

So, when the need arose for an Information Systems Advisor, they knew exactly where to go.

What did we do to help the organisation find their ideal candidate?

Once the role was listed on WisdomCircle, it was filled by an expert within a matter of weeks. The organisation’s clarity on role requirements, compensation, and duration significantly contributed to the quick turnaround. Their transparency allowed for a more streamlined screening process and established clear communication among all parties involved.

The perfect candidate

The candidate had 34 years of IT experience under their belt, making them perfect for the role. They’re an expert in designing and implementing group-level IT strategies, developing IT roadmaps, and formulating policies. They brought a wealth of knowledge in process innovation and progressive change management, which is exactly what the engineering company needed to harmonise their IT functions. 

WisdomCircle: Your source for experienced experts

If your organisation is facing similar challenges and is looking to hire experts to strengthen your processes, WisdomCircle could be the answer. We have proven time and again to be an efficient source of top-quality professionals. 

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