From Setbacks to Triumph: Navigating Professional Challenges

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Have you ever faced a professional challenge that felt like an insurmountable obstacle? Whether it was a complex project, a difficult colleague, or a sudden change in the industry, we’ve all been there. But the true test lies not in encountering obstacles, but in how we navigate them.

We asked our community “Tell us about a professional challenge you faced and how did you deal with it?” Delve into the experiences of individuals who faced significant professional challenges and emerged stronger. Explore their stories, strategies, and the lessons they learned along the way.

Ramachandran R S

I am a retired IT professional, with 40+ years of service in the IT field. The last position I held was as a CIO for a MNC. I am now doing IT consulting and helping startups in defining strategies, mentoring, and coaching. My interest now is to help NGOs or other non-profit organisations who are in the Edutech field as I am passionate about sharing knowledge and making the younger generation of people technically, mentally, and professionally successful.

Saved my company from getting cheated of millions of dollars due to a data breach in our system which a fraudster found and demanded money that the company owed to someone else. I was given an ultimatum by the CEO to unearth and prevent the money from getting cleared at the foreign bank end in 24 hours or resign en mass with my team. I had to put my money into buying a tool to trace the phishing email source, and eventually safeguard the money from getting into the wrong hands. Huge challenge it was as 40 people’s job was at stake, but eventually resolved it.

Shubha Apte

I am currently an Executive Coach and Management Consultant mentoring and coaching leadership team members from Automotive, IT services and Data analytics companies.

Assuming leadership of a technology integration program following the acquisition of a company posed a significant professional challenge. Despite prior attempts, our organisation faced repeated failures, primarily due to remote project management and resistance from the acquired company’s leadership team’s reluctance to relinquish existing technologies and brand identity. To tackle this, I relocated to Mumbai, the acquired company’s headquarters, committing to a year of overseeing and completing the integration personally. The hurdles were, collaborating with the new team, understanding their challenges, coordinating with the global team for optimal technical solutions, and addressing these issues without disrupting ongoing business operations and client deliveries. Success in integration programs necessitated not only technical proficiency but also an understanding of human processes. Effectively managing change requires a keen focus on people and transparent communication. I successfully completed the technology integration in one year.

D Gurunath Reddy

Wg cdr D Gurunath Reddy Former Additional General Manager of Contract Procurement. I spearheaded the procurement activities of All Civil track tenders to enable the successful award of work with due diligence. I am a sports enthusiast and like to keep the morale and motivation level of the younger generation high to inspire them to meet the organisational objectives.

As the Additional General Manager (Contract Procurement), I have the privilege of spearheading the procurement activities for the Phase-II expansion of the metro rail project. This ambitious project covers a total of 118 km and involves the construction of 128 stations along three corridors. Funded by JICA, ADB, AIIB, and NDB, it’s a prestigious undertaking encompassing design, construction, supply, testing, installation, and commissioning activities.

Every tender processing activity requires meticulous attention to detail. It starts with seeking administrative approval, obtaining the sanction of estimates, and publishing the Notice Inviting Tender (NIT). We then upload the tender document to the CPPP Portal and facilitate pre-bid queries and responsiveness of bidders by publishing addendums and corrigendums. This ensures transparency and allows prospective bidders to submit their proposals effectively.

My drive and enthusiasm stem from my unwavering commitment to delivering this project on time. I believe each tender is unique, offering valuable learning experiences. There’s no “one size fits all” approach; one must forge their own path while adhering to all guidelines and procurement frameworks.

My methodical approach and ability to manage each tender within the CPPP portal’s timeline speak volumes about my discipline and dedication to work. I strive to maintain high standards of quality and commitment, taking pride in my passion for the project. My goal is to complete each assignment seamlessly within the framework of the laid-down tender conditions.

It’s an honour to be part of this transformative project that will significantly enhance the city’s transportation infrastructure. I am committed to leading the procurement team with zeal and dedication, ensuring that we deliver this project to the highest standards.

Vijay Karna

Sustainability Reporting Practitioner and Digital Transformation Consultant at Cyient.

In a pivotal professional role, I proposed a radical shift in business processes for an energy company, aiming to overhaul traditional practices through automation and elimination. Despite initial scepticism, the executive team approved, unleashing a cascade of challenges. The substantial financial investment added pressure, demanding a resilient and persistent approach. The key to success lies in calculated risk-taking. Venturing beyond the comfort zone opened avenues for growth and innovation, allowing the company to explore untapped markets. Navigating obstacles honed my persistence and resilience, emphasising the importance of staying focused on long-term goals despite setbacks. The experience underscored adaptability and agility, necessitating quick adjustments based on market feedback. Crucially, team dynamics played a pivotal role. Effective communication, motivation, and empowerment fostered a cohesive and supportive team, crucial in overcoming challenges. The campaign’s success highlighted the significance of innovation and creativity, showcasing the rewards of challenging traditional approaches. This transformative experience reinforced the lessons of calculated risk-taking, persistence, adaptability, team building, and the power of innovative thinking in achieving remarkable outcomes.

Vishwa Prakash Gaur

I am 60+ retired from the banking profession and my last role was as a manager.

Last year during the rainy season, when I was working as currency administration cell manager, some of my branches were in a very critical position due to heavy rain and all branch heads were worried about the safety of currency notes due to inundation. When the situation came to my knowledge I immediately called each branch head and advised them not to panic but to arrange bundling of notes and be prepared to hand over currency to the CAC team on an immediate basis. I then spoke to my Regional manager to explain the situation and got the necessary permission for the lifting of remittance beyond working hours. I then coordinated with my team members and prepared them to collect remittances from branches of the flood area. I also coordinated with the joint custodian of the Linked Currency Chest branch and convinced them to accept the remittance. My team members honoured my request and proceeded to flood affected branches and we finally arranged to collect remittances and deposited them safely into the currency chest.

Arvind Jain

Asst. General Manager (Project Management, Corp. Affairs), Now a career counsellor, mentor, and consultant. I am interested in music, singing, anchoring, and social work.

In the year 2006, I was looking after the complete project execution and establishment of a multi-seed edible oil plant in Zimbabwe. The plant had started production. Was in India when one day at 11:30 PM, I got a call from the chairman of the company that the plant had stopped for the last 4 hrs. and to coordinate and see what was the problem. It was a big challenge for me, sitting in India and coordinating to resolve the issue in Zimbabwe. I took a deep breath and called the engineer on site and asked about the problem. As he explained I asked him to be on the main packaging line, and do as I say from here. He was there in front of the packaging line. I asked about some digital configurations of the line, and also at which particular plant, the problem persisted. As he told me, I told him to make some changes in the configuration and also some mechanical adjustments in the plant at a few points. It took about 40 minutes in all this. Then I asked him to start the plant and be on the call for another 10-15 minutes He started the plant and for another 20 minutes, the plant kept running smoothly. It was a big relief as I did this remote maintenance across the continents for the 1st time and that was successful. It was 1 AM by the time I called Mr. Chairman and briefed him. He was all smiles and pleased. I called the engineer at the plant after an hour to check in on the status. The plant was running successfully. I was happy that I completed the task successfully and in much less time than expected.

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