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How a start-up found an industry veteran without breaking the bank

Incredabrew is a budding D2C start-up that offers healthy instant coffee. 

Incredabrew was started by Calvin Pinto. As the son of a coffee farmer who had seen his father struggle, he wanted to help. After conversations with hundreds of coffee-lovers and  over a year with multiple iterations, taste tests and feedback later, IncredaBrew – guilt-free, delicious and healthy coffee – was born.

What was their requirement? 

To break into the restaurants, hotels, and cafes space, they were looking for an Institutional Sales Advisor- a seasoned expert in the beverages industry – to spearhead their HoReCa channel strategy. As a bootstrapped start-up, finding senior experienced professionals can be both challenging and expensive.

Why WisdomCircle and how did we help?

IncredaBrew approached WisdomCircle to find an industry veteran who had experience selling to hotels, restaurants and cafes, on flexible terms. After listing the role, WisdomCircle found and connected multiple senior professionals from the beverages industry with IncredaBrew, finally selecting Mr. Sunil Mathur, a more than ideal candidate. Mr Mathur is a versatile leader with decades of hospitality industry know-how and an understanding of the institutional sales process. He previously served as the Head of Operations for Central Park, Gurgaon and CEO, SE Asia for Newby Teas – The Luxury Tea Company, among others.

“The perfect place to recruit for an advisory role. As a startup we have really benefited from the extensive industry experience and a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities we were facing. They were able to provide practical, actionable advice that helped us to move forward with confidence.”

Calvin Pinto

Founder and CEO, IncredaBrew

Is your start-up in search of industry expertise?

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