How did Fountain accelerate its entry into a new market?

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Founded in 2014, Fountain started with a vision to transform the hiring of hourly workers. The majority of the global workforce is composed of hourly workers, but most applicant tracking systems aren’t built for this type of worker. Hiring salaried, knowledge workers is fundamentally different from hiring hourly workers, which is why Fountain’s Labor ATS is designed to enable recruiters to efficiently hire hourly workers, from application to start date.

What challenge did they face?

Fountain, a US-based start-up, has made a significant impact in the software industry by making volume hiring simple through the use of automation and AI.

This innovative and forward-thinking company had a desire to expand its reach and influence in the Indian enterprise software market. They wished to hit the ground running, but they were also aware of the potential challenges that they might face due to the distinctive dynamics of the Indian market compared to the Western context.

How did WisdomCircle help?

WisdomCircle helped Fountain find the perfect candidate for their expansion by introducing them to Mr. Ashish Kesharwani. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Mr. Kesharwani has a proven track record of providing employment opportunities to more than 1.4 lakh job seekers and organising over 100 job fairs per year as the CEO of CII Model Career Centre. He has also served as the CEO of a tech-enabled recruitment platform, making him a credible and experienced veteran in the industry.

“WisdomCircle has helped us find two industry stalwarts in the short time we have been working with them. I can very confidently say that we could not have found them anywhere else. It has been a pleasure working with the WisdomCircle team!”

OmPrakash Muppirala 

Head of Fountain, India

Find talent that can help you navigate uncharted territores

WisdomCircle has a stellar track record of finding talent for organisations facing similar challenges as Fountain. We can find you the right expert to provide the guidance and expertise you need to seamlessly navigate your context and achieve your business goals.

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