How to Make a Good Impression in a Virtual Interview

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Thanks to the rapid advancement in the sector of technology, we can connect with people living at the opposite end of the world within seconds. It has paved the way for concepts like virtual interviews, where recruiters and interviewees connect via an online video-call platform. 

If you have a virtual interview lined up sometime, we have got you covered. In this blog, we will understand how you can make a good impression in a virtual interview to increase your chances of getting hired for a Job After Retirement. Let us dive right in! 

Preparing Your Interview Space

You cannot expect the interviewer to think highly of you if the room in which you are attending the meeting is dirty and noisy. Hence, the first step of acing a virtual interview would be to prepare your interview space. 

There is no need to install anything fancy for this purpose. Simply choose a clean spot where you can prop your laptop and camera properly. Further, make sure that there is no unnecessary noise in the room at the time of your interview and that the lighting is good so that the interviewer can both hear and see you properly. 

Test Your Devices And Internet

A major turn-off for recruiters conducting a virtual interview is the disconnection of calls. Hence, you must make sure that your interview spot has the proper speed on the internet.

Make sure that there are no technical issues with your device. For instance, assess the quality of your camera, audio, and connection before joining the actual interview meeting. You can run a test meeting to do the same. You should also consider familiarizing yourself with the basics of the platform where the interview will be conducted to avoid any last-minute confusion. 

Make Sure To Dress Professionally 

You do not get to relax on the dressing aspect of the interview simply because it is being conducted online. Make sure to wear appropriate formal attire to make a good impression on your interviewer. 

You should consider going for clothes with solid colors instead of any kind of pattern. This is because of the nature of the interview, which is virtual. The camera may start messing with certain kinds of patterns, leading to a distorted image of your clothes. Hence, it would be best to avoid such a scenario in the first place!

Work On Your Body Language

How you carry yourself physically throughout the interview is important even when it is being conducted online. Hence, make sure that you pay close attention to your body language as you talk to the recruiter. You should always listen actively while the recruiters are talking so that you can present them your best answers effortlessly. 

Avoid fidgeting, stuttering, or speaking too quickly, as they are common signs of nervousness. If you are very nervous, you can consider looking at the webcam of your device instead of the screen, as it would make the recruiter believe you are maintaining eye contact. 

Log Into The Meeting On Time

Since the recruiter would probably be interviewing several candidates for the role that you have applied for, you should always respect his or her time. Hence, never log in late to a virtual interview, as it would make you look as if you do not value the time of others. 

It would be best if you log in 5 to 10 minutes before the time allocated to you for the interview. This way, you will know if there are any technical issues and can fix them on time. 

Research About The Company

While understanding the job description thoroughly is one of the most important steps in preparing yourself for the interview, you should also consider researching the company itself. This way, you will appear informed and can easily stand out from the competition. 

You can check out the “about us” section of the company that you are interviewing for to do so. Simply read the story behind the formulation of the company, its core values and principles, and so on. Knowing about such facts would help you tailor the answers such that it fits the context of the company as well, which would help you make a good impression. 

Ask Thoughtful Questions

Contrary to popular belief, the recruiter is not the only person who should ask questions in an interview. Generally, at the end of any interview – whether physical or virtual – the candidates are asked if they have any doubts or queries.

You must take this opportunity to ask thoughtful questions that can help the recruiter gain a deeper insight into you as a professional. For instance, you can ask questions about growth opportunities, long-term visions, team dynamics, and so on. 

Follow Up With A Gratitude Note 

Your chance to make a good impression on the recruiter does not end right after you disconnect from the virtual meeting. There is one last way through which you can seal the deal effectively – a decent thank you note. 

Once your interview concludes, make sure to drop a gratitude email to the recruiter. Share that it was a good experience talking to him or her, and then re-emphasize how you are quite interested in the position. The note need not be too long – it should be crisp and display a decent level of professionalism. 


Virtual interviews are a relatively new phenomenon, so, understandably, some people fear them even more than physical interviews. However, as long as you are well-prepared for the meeting and confident in your caliber, no one can stop you from making a great impression! Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will help you ace your next virtual interview with ease!

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