How we Helped The Association of People with Disabilities find their perfect candidate

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Association of People with Disabilities

The Association of People with Disability is a non-governmental organisation devoted to empowering people with disabilities to live full, productive lives. q88j7h87654321`Since its founding in 1959, they have worked tirelessly to make it possible for people with disabilities (PWDs) to fully participate in all aspects of society, including but not limited to interventions in healthcare, education, employment, and advocacy.

What was their requirement? 

APD needed an experienced consultant to help streamline their internal processes. As a long-time supporter of WisdomCircle’s mission, they have listed several roles with us. For one such consultant role, they specifically sought a retiree with proven expertise in improving and streamlining organisational processes.

How did we help?

Their listing attracted several organic applications, including Sujatha, a recently retired Business Manager with 16 years of experience in Project Management, Financial and Business Management. In her application, Sujatha shared that she had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and was seeking opportunities that allowed flexible work.

Having joined WisdomCircle after retirement, Sujatha was drawn to APD’s listing not only because it aligned with her expertise but also because it meant contributing to an organisation empowering differently-abled people. We highlighted her profile to APD, confident they’d appreciate her unique value proposition.

APD met Sujatha in person and, impressed by her skills and passion, selected her for the role.

APD and Sujatha share their experience

APD commended WisdomCircle, saying,

“WisdomCircle has been our partner is trying to identify the right talent for each role or assignment. They have been proactive and enthusiastic in trying to balance the needs of the candidate with that of the NGO. There is a wealth of experience and capability in the over 50 population – with better compensation and improved health, most people retire too early and now have the desire to contribute back. WisdomCircle has been our bridge to that community.”

Sujatha, reflecting on her experience, says, “Working in the social sector with APD has been rewarding, and I thank WisdomCircle for presenting me with this opportunity.”

Take your organisation to the next level with experienced talent

WisdomCircle can help you find experienced professionals who believe in your cause. List your requirements on our platform and find the right candidate who can drive your organisation’s growth and success.

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