NGO brings outsourced finance function in-house

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In a world where non-profit organisations constantly strive to maximise every resource, managing finances efficiently is critical. Operating on strict budgets, these organisations often rely on external agencies for this task.

What was the organisation’s requirement?

The NGO in question works tirelessly to uplift marginalised communities. For years, they had been outsourcing the majority of their finance function to an external agency. However, they reached a point where they felt it was time to take charge of their financial affairs. They desired an in-house finance team led by an experienced Finance Expert. But how could they find such an expert, all the while adhering to their strict budget?

Why did they approach WisdomCircle?

With numerous retired professionals, possessing robust finance backgrounds, our platform was perfectly equipped to meet the NGO’s needs. Once the role was listed on our platform, there was an immediate influx of applications from highly qualified professionals.

Our team quickly sprung into action, meticulously sifting through the applicants. We took the time to understand each applicant’s experience and qualifications, ensuring that we shortlisted only the most suitable individuals for the role. As a result, we were able to present the NGO with three highly qualified candidates for consideration.

Did the NGO find their candidate?

The NGO was extremely pleased with the ease and efficiency of our process. From listing the role on our platform to the shortlisting of candidates, every step was smooth and swift. They appreciated the diligence of our team in ensuring only the most suitable candidates were shortlisted, making their decision-making process much simpler.

After conducting their own interviews and discussions with the shortlisted candidates, the NGO selected the one who best fit their requirements. This candidate not only had the necessary finance expertise but also had prior experience in the social sector. This blend of skills made him the perfect fit for the role, and he was subsequently hired to lead the NGO’s in-house finance team.

Hire without breaking the bank

However, the success of this process was not just about filling a position. It was about finding the right expert who could help the NGO manage their finances more effectively, without breaking its budget or compromising its needs. So, if you’re looking to hire the right expert without breaking the bank, consider hiring from WisdomCircle.

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