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On ageing: The future belongs to people above the age of 60

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The future belongs to people above the age of 60.

“Perennials are people who don’t think and act their age in the sense that they do not conform to conventional notions and stereotypes of young or old. People are increasingly eager to break away from traditional age stereotypes and expectations.

…everything is shifting towards the upper age groups: the workforce, consumption, and social and political influence.

In this context, retirement will be different. It will include more learning, freelancing, and flexible employment opportunities for seniors to help them with finances, boredom, and social isolation.

Retirement in a post-generational world will be different from the classic retirement of the last century. While rest and leisure are very important, there is nothing preordained about needing to retire. While manual and cognitive occupations will be affected differently, most people will now have options to avoid some of the negatives of retirement.

Artificial intelligence may make it easier for people to compensate for declining cognitive abilities while still leveraging their experience. Technology may also make freelancing more accessible.

The universe of opportunities will be great for people who prefer to be active even after formally retiring.”

From the Next Big Idea Club summary of the book “The Perennials: The Megatrends Creating a Postgenerational Society” by Professor Mauro Guillen of The Wharton School


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