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Portfolio Life: What is it and how to live it?

Rishi Khanna currently manages investments for his family office. He is also managing director of the Trimaster Group. Prior to this, from 1998 onwards, Rishi was managing director of C&S Electric Limited, which was acquired by Siemens in February 2021.

Of late, Rishi has been involved in unlisted space investments, including angel-stage investments. He is also an active member of the YPO’s Delhi chapter.

As the economy evolves there are more and more opportunities to live portfolio lives.

The concept of a “portfolio life” is one where people have multiple roles, interests, or jobs rather than a single profession or focus. It’s a diverse and fluid approach to life, necessitated or enabled by the evolving economy.

What can be some metaphors that can help us anchor our identity accordingly in our own minds? Helping us not feel a loss of anchor. But, rather its shift from tangible routines to intangible forms of anchoring.

Here are some metaphors to help anchor identity in this new paradigm: 

  • Quilt of Identity

Just as a quilt is made up of different patches, each unique but contributing to the whole, a portfolio life consists of varied experiences and roles that together define an individual.

  • Jazz Ensemble

Jazz musicians often improvised, listening to and playing off each other. They don’t have a single fixed note but create music from the interplay of instruments. Similarly, in a portfolio life, you improvise, adjust and adapt, creating a symphony of experiences.

  • Garden of Endeavours

In a garden, different plants bloom at different times, require different care, and serve different purposes. Your life can be seen as a garden where various pursuits grow side by side, each adding beauty and meaning.

  • Library of Chapters

Think of your life as a library. Each book or chapter represents a different role or job. While the stories might differ, they all reside under one roof and contribute to the library’s richness.

  • Kaleidoscope of Careers

Much like how a small twist can change the entire pattern in a kaleidoscope, every new role or skill adds a different hue and pattern to your life, making it vibrant and ever-changing.

  • Mosaic of Mastery

Each tiny piece of a mosaic might seem insignificant alone, but together, they create a beautiful picture. Similarly, every role or job you take adds to the grand design of your life.

  • Navigation by Stars

Ancient sailors navigated using stars. Each star, a point of reference, yet it is the constellation that guides the way. In a portfolio life, each job or role is a star, and together they guide your journey.

  • River with Tributaries

A river’s flow is fed by various smaller streams and tributaries. Your life is the river, and each tributary represents a different venture or role, contributing to your flow.

  • Forest of Forte

In a forest, every tree plays a part in the ecosystem. Some provide fruits, some shade, and some even house animals. Each role or job in a portfolio life is a tree in your forest, making it lush and balanced.

  • Palette of Passions

Just as an artist has various colours on their palette to create a masterpiece, you have multiple roles or skills in your life’s palette, painting your unique story.

These metaphors can provide comfort and clarity by allowing individuals to visualise the richness and diversity of their experiences, emphasising the beauty of variety and the interconnectedness of different roles and skills.

So, what’s your metaphor?

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