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Shoolini University finds a senior professional for a guest lecturer role

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Founded by leading academicians and professionals, Shoolini University is a young, research-focused, philanthropic university. Established in 2009, this dynamic and innovation-led centre of learning has made giant strides. It has consistently been ranked among India’s top 100 universities (NIRF), is one of India’s highest generators of patents and innovation, and matches the world’s best universities in research output.

What was their requirement? 

Shoolini University is a distinguished non-profit institution, renowned for its commitment to quality education and pioneering research. The university takes pride in standing tall as India’s leader among private universities in research citations.

But even the best universities are constantly striving to improve. And for Shoolini University, improvement meant finding a Professor of Practice for their Business School. The ideal candidate would be a finance professional with over 15 years of experience and an impressive track record. This is where WisdomCircle came in.

Why WisdomCircle and how did we help?

When Shoolini University turned to WisdomCircle, they were given access to a platform teeming with individuals boasting decades of experience and proven track records. This ensured a pool of relevant and qualified applicants, one of whom would hopefully be the perfect fit for the university.

Meet the hired Candidate

Mr Ravichandran Ranganathan emerged as the ideal candidate, not just meeting but exceeding the university’s criteria. Here’s why:

  • 25+ years of experience in multinational corporations.
  • Expertise in Commercial Finance, Audit, Planning and Forecasting, Shared Service Center Management, Taxation, and MIS.
  • At Honeywell, he actively mentored employees in areas such as budgeting, accounting, Financial Planning and Analysis, Tax, and Forex accounting.

Mr Ranganathan has since relocated to Solan to take up this position and has been doing well so far, proving that the match was indeed a perfect fit.

WisdomCircle: Your Go-To for Top-Tier Talent

If you’re on the hunt for top-tier talent who excel in their fields, WisdomCircle is your go-to platform. Whether you’re an institution looking for experienced professionals or a professional seeking new opportunities, WisdomCircle is there to bridge the gap and connect you with the right people.

With its vast pool of skilled applicants and comprehensive matching process, WisdomCircle ensures that institutions like Shoolini University can find not just a candidate that fits their criteria, but the perfect candidate for their needs. 

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