Sourcing Talent for a Nuclear Power Plant

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About the organisation and their requirement

A precision manufacturing and engineering company found itself with a critical recruitment task – finding an HR manager for a nuclear power plant. This was no ordinary role. It was a full-time, in-person job requiring a complete working proficiency in Tamil, and preferably someone with a military background. The stakes were high, as the HR manager would be responsible for maintaining and enforcing safety rules and regulations in such a sensitive environment.

The additional challenge was that the plant was located in a remote area. This meant the ideal candidate would have to be willing to relocate, adding another layer of complexity to the recruitment process.

Our Approach

Given the complex requirements and the crucial nature of the role, the company turned to WisdomCircle, a recruitment agency well known for its ability to source candidates for demanding jobs. Despite the anticipated limited applications due to the specific requirements, WisdomCircle was pleasantly surprised by the response. The role attracted several highly relevant applicants, allowing the agency to curate a shortlist of potential candidates and present it to the organisation.

The Outcome

The organisation was quick to hold interviews and finalise a candidate. Their chosen candidate was an Indian Army Veteran with complete professional proficiency in Tamil. This candidate brought versatile experience in HR management, transport management, security services, administrative positions, and project management, among others.

Looking to fill a demanding role in your organisation?

The right candidate may not fit the typical profile, but they may bring a unique set of skills and experiences that make them ideally suited to the role. List your requirements on WisdomCirlce and find your ideal candidate.

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