Top 3 Jobs To Consider Post-Retirement In India

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With a healthy attitude, people can work even after their retirement and employers actively hire them as they understand the importance of experience and wisdom that retired professionals bring with them. This also allows corporate agencies to utilize their knowledge and experience to benefit the business as well as society.

According to a survey conducted by AARP, it was discovered that HR managers hire experienced retired people as they show loyalty towards the organization and strong work culture and ethics. 

Factors to Consider Before Starting Work Post-Retirement 

There are some factors that you must consider before you start looking for a job after your retirement. These factors can determine what kind of job you should take up after you have officially retired. Let’s take a look at these factors:

  1. Why do you want to do a job?

Ask yourself what is motivating you to take a job post-retirement. Is money the factor? Do you want to take a job because you want to actively engage in something meaningful? If money is the factor, look for a job that is paying you well. If you want to take a job to actively engage, you can look for a part-time job. Moreover, many organizations allow you to volunteer. You can volunteer at different NGOs and various other events. 

  1. What kind of work would you find fulfilling?

Ask yourself what kind of jobs you would want to do. Know your domain and interest. If you take a job that interests you, you would love to do it. So, look for a job that interests you and motivates you to work. 

  1. Part-time or full-time jobs

The next factor to consider is choosing between a full-time or part-time job. Do you want to work full-time? After, you have analyzed all these factors carefully, narrowing down your list of jobs that you would consider working. 

Top Three Jobs that You Should Consider After Retirement

There are many jobs that you can consider doing after retirement based on your preferences. Let’s take a look at the best jobs after retirement in India for experienced individuals. 

  1. Teaching Jobs

Teaching jobs are common jobs that retired individuals take up after their retirement. Retirees who want to engage themselves with something, to create an impact on student’s lives can consider being teaching assistants or tutors. Sometimes, universities also hire retirees for these roles. You can search for these universities and start working after you are hired.

In case you don’t want to go outside of your home, self-tutors or home tuitions are an option to consider. In smaller villages, students go to their teacher’s homes for tuition. In big cities, you can register yourself with online teaching platforms. There are a plethora of online teaching platforms that can be effectively utilized. After registering, you can start teaching online. These days, uploading video tutorials on YouTube is in trend. You can also try that.

In case you don’t want to work daily, uploading a course on a platform is an option that you should consider. However, remember to update your course from time to time. Thus, you can take a job but you won’t have to work daily.

Not only education but sports also provide a plethora of job opportunities for retired people. If you are passionate about any of the sports, you can train the young generation to be a good sportsman as their coach. Your guidance is priceless for the young generation.

  1. Social Impact Jobs and Volunteering

If you want to do something to create an impact on society, consider volunteering at NGOs. There are various NGOs that offer work after retirement in India, each working for a different cause. Some NGOs provide free education to children and stand up for the rights of women. 

For volunteering, it is important to know what social cause would excite you to work. In a survey, it was discovered that animal shelters appeal to retired individuals the most. Moreover, you can also donate blood or money. 

You can also be appointed as a board member or a chairman in different organizations. So, it is important to know if you want to volunteer or take a full-time job as a member of an organization. 

  1. Jobs in Corporate Sector

Who says there is a demand for only young people in the corporate sector? It is not true in any case. Experienced people matter a lot even in the corporate world. Embark your work life 2.0 in the corporate sector. 

There are many jobs available that you can take in the corporate world depending on your education, qualifications, and your interests. If you are inclined toward marketing, you can find jobs related to sales and marketing. If you are passionate about accounts, you can find jobs in the sector of finance and cost.

Moreover, investing money has become a very common activity among young people. In case you are interested in investment-related jobs, you can guide others to invest their money. This is a self-employed job and does not require many resources. You should also consider being a real-estate manager.


We have already looked at the top three jobs that retired individuals should consider doing. But how do they find jobs which are suitable for such experienced professionals? Isn’t it too difficult? Well, it was difficult to find jobs for retired people but no more! 

Yes, you read it right. WisdomCircle is a platform that connects experienced retired professionals with meaningful job opportunities. At WisdomCircle, these experienced professionals are called “WisGen” which is a shorter term for Wisdom Generation.

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