Trevi Furniture readies itself for a transformational growth journey

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House Of Trevi is a brand that’s dedicated to providing high-quality, stylish furniture that’s both affordable and sustainable. They are passionate about helping people create a home that reflects their personality and style and are committed to making the shopping experience as enjoyable as possible.

What was their requirement? 

Trevi Furniture recently ventured into the e-commerce space and sought to enhance the efficiency and professionalism of its internal operations. To achieve this goal, they were in search of an experienced finance professional willing to contribute on a part-time, long-term basis.

Why WisdomCircle and how did we help?

After coming across WisdomCircle independently, they promptly listed the position on our platform, demonstrating their confidence in us and support for our mission. We acted swiftly by providing the organisation with three well-suited candidates. The organisation, decisively and promptly selected and hired one of the presented candidates.

Meet the hired Candidate

Mr Suresh A Pai, hired by Trevi, holds a Chartered Accountant certification and grew with a manufacturing auto component company, rising through the ranks to become their Chief Financial Officer. He is an expert in enhancing operational systems, processes, and policies.

Mr Suresh A Pai on his Experience at Trevi Furniture: 

“My experience is being utilised to improve overall existing systems & practices though the company has a well-established ERP system. As the company is on a growth path and has ambitious plans to spread its wings, it is a nice experience to mentor the young generation with the current trends in accounting & tax laws. What is most satisfying is the work-life balance post-retirement. Thanks to WisdomCircle!”

Take your Organisation to the Next Level

Taking your organisation to the next level? Experienced professionals can help! Tap into our vast network of retired talent. With WisdomCircle, find the right professional with the perfect blend of experience and wisdom to help your business grow. Whether it’s a part-time, long-term, or full-time role, we can provide the right candidates for you.

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