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Why Listening to Music Is (Even More) Important as We Get Older!

Photo Saying You are What you listen to

Why listening to music is (even more) important as we get older!

If you haven’t yet read the book ‘This Is What It Sounds Like: What the Music You Love Says About You’ by Susan Rogers and Ogi Ogas – you Have to!

Susan is a record producer, audio engineer, and cognitive neuroscientist, and Ogi is a mathematical neuroscientist.

I was trying to relate what the book highlights with my study of the ageing brain and what it could mean as we get older, and this is what stood out for me from the book:

“Becoming a music listener requires curiosity, effort, and love. But it also requires understanding and embracing your unique identity as a music listener.”

“Neuroscience describes seven aesthetic and musical dimensions that can each independently provide a pleasurable reward from music listening – that can help create your ‘Listener Profile’: Authenticity, Realism, Novelty, Melody, Lyrics, Rhythm and Timbre”

“Music can serve as a personal guide to private places in your mind where only you can go to”

“A journey into your Listener Profile is a journey in self-discovery’

“Falling in love with a record is like falling in love with a person. This instant attraction that can be hard to explain.”

Now imagine what you are missing if you are not listening to music, and leveraging its power to get our brain’s neural network activated as we get older.


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