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Wisdom at Work: How Retirees Enrich the Workplace

In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workplace, the contributions of retirees often go unnoticed. These seasoned individuals, armed with a wealth of experiences, skills, and wisdom accumulated over decades, possess a unique set of qualities that can significantly impact and benefit organisations.

Delve into the insights shared by retirees in response to the question, “What qualities, skills, or experiences do you believe retirees bring to the workplace that make a significant impact and benefit organisations?”

Vijay Vallabh Singh

Retired as a Senior Manager after serving more than 35 years in multinational conglomerates like Hindustan Unilever, TATA Group and Yara India in diverse roles and responsibilities. I enjoy engaging with students and emerging professionals and offering them guidance, support and mentorship.

Retired senior citizens possess a lifetime of experience working in diverse roles with varied responsibilities. They have the knowledge and expertise to handle business matters and the experience to deal with problems that may arise. So, companies can benefit from the vast experience, expertise and ability to work with a wide range of customers and personalities.

Sankarambadi Kannan

Associate Vice president in an MNC

In my case, as a retiree with decades of experience and having held a senior-level role in an MNC, I bring to the table practical experience, customer relationship, and problem analysing skills.

Sundararamanan Natesan

Before taking a break to care for my parents and in-laws, I worked as Chief Manager in a 250MW Lignite Fired Power Plant. I spend time by Reading positive books and updating myself on current technical topics of interest.

The first quality retirees bring into an organisation is the wealth of their experience. Having weathered many storms, they are resilient and will definitely keep themselves updated on the latest technologies. Another important quality of retirees is their maturity in handling people and all stakeholders of the organisation.

Mithilesh Sadashiv Jatar

I retired as Director of HR of a US-headquartered MNC in the Auto Comp Industry. After retirement, I am into Coaching & also work in the Social Sector.

Retirees bring with them the experience of how Industries operated in the pre- liberalisation & post-liberalisation eras. They are also witness to & have participated in the massive changes that took place in the last decade or so. Strong work ethics, patience, and a balanced approach are some of the qualities retirees bring to the table. Being in a profession for a long period of time helps develop skills in the chosen domain.

Sunita Sinha

I am an Organisation Design and development consultant. After 26+ years of working as an internal consultant, I have started my own consulting outfit called Gestalt Alt Consulting. My mission is to help mid-size organisations to grow large and scale in a sustainable fashion by helping them design human-centred workplaces. I am also a Leadership coach and focus on Top team alignment. I am enjoying this phase of my life and career which has helped me to make independent choices in life.

We bring experience and wisdom to the organisation with our deep expertise, especially where we have deep specialisation. We also fit, in interim, critical senior positions as a bridge to managing the talent gap in any organisation for the short to medium term. We can also be great mentors, coaches and advisors when needed.

Col Charanjit Pal

Consultancy for development of Mega Townships.
Consultancy for development of Mega Townships.

Leadership, loyalty & honesty are the pillars of an organisation. Defence retirees can inculcate these skills by giving personal examples. These days we need to motivate the workforce to give their best. In addition to compensation, employees are looking for leaders who can lead and guide them. Targets can be met if realistic goals are set keeping in view the resources available at your disposal.

Satish Madhukar Bhalerao

I was working as a Plant Head In Lumax Industries Ltd. Chinchwad Pune Plant. I superannuated on 1st April 2019. Presently I am working as a consultant to 2-3 small & medium scale automotive ancillary units.
I was working as a Plant Head In Lumax Industries Ltd. Chinchwad Pune Plant. I superannuated on 1st April 2019. Presently I am working as a consultant to 2-3 small & medium scale automotive ancillary units.

The Retirees have wide experience. They have seen & experienced ups & downs in their career. With academic and practical knowledge combined with age, they have the patience required to handle any situation skillfully calmly & efficiently. They can guide young professionals in a proper way to maximise the benefits to the Organisation.

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