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Although it does not feel that way, at least in Bengaluru, Spring is here. We hope you have started planning for the new financial year, and perhaps are even making some (financial) resolutions.

For this edition, our community shared stories and their thoughts about mentors and mentorship. You can find a spotlight on Chitra, recently selected as a ‘Sukoon Sarthi’, and thoughtful articles from Shoba Narayan and Dipak Mane that emphasise the importance of reflection and conscious choices.

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Foundation for A Drug-Free World, India is looking for an Operations In-Charge to organise Truth About Drugs events, coordinate outreach efforts, manage office operations, liaise with government agencies and corporates, and expand the donor base, contributing to their mission of creating a drug-free society.

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Hero Future Energies (HFE) is looking for a Project Governance (Consultant) to oversee projects, provide strategic guidance, implement governance frameworks, advise on risk management, foster stakeholder relationships, promote innovation and sustainability, monitor project performance, mentor teams, and ensure efficient project delivery from planning to execution.

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Join us for an exclusive online workshop led by Dr. Marcus Ranney, India's leading longevity physician with over two decades of experience in healthcare transformation. In this enlightening session, Dr. Ranney will delve into the fascinating realm of brain health optimisation, catering to anyone seeking to unlock their cognitive potential and elevate their quality of life. 
. During this workshop, you can expect to explore neuroscience principles and lifestyle practices to optimise brain health, enhance memory retention, develop laser-sharp focus, and unleash boundless creativity. 

Wednesday, March 20 | 5 to 6 PM IST

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Join us for a fireside chat with Sharath, where we will discuss insights from his latest book ‘Inflection: A Roadmap for Leaders at a Crossroads’. Inflection moments are those points at which we stand at a crossroads and ask ourselves: what’s the next mountain to climb? His book provides a roadmap on how to navigate these moments.

Thursday, 28 March | 4 to 5 PM IST

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About Chitra Suresh Iyer

"My name is Chitra Iyer. I am based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I have over two decades of experience in the social development sector with successful coordination of projects at the district, state and national levels.  Guided by my mentors, I led an award-winning project on Child Participation in Ashram Schools of Valsad district, Gujarat, a Unicef-funded project securing the Banyan Tree Value Challenge Award of USD 5000 at the Asian Forum for Corporate Social Responsibility 2008, Singapore.

My expertise includes community engagement, project management, capacity-building training (offline and online), advocacy, networking, documentation and fundraising. My unwavering passion lies in working with rural and tribal communities, making a meaningful impact in their lives.

In my leisure time, you can often find me engrossed in books or reading interesting articles, particularly Jug Suraiya's editorial column in The Times of India and listening to music."

Looking back, what would you tell your younger self about preparing for retirement?

"I would like to credit my mother for instilling in me a sense of curiosity, patience and perseverance as I grew up. I would like to tell the younger lot to live by the motto "You won't truly understand the depth of the water until you jump in." Do not rest until your ideas are translated into action.  Having said that believe in yourself first and things will fall in place for you. Invest in upgrading your knowledge and skills and secure your future."

On what she wanted to do post-retirement

"I quit my job much before my retirement age. I left my full-time job to attend to my personal commitments.  However, I wanted to be active and engaged with some work. I always wanted to be associated with NGOs and to work for the underprivileged. I love to work and engage with children, adolescents and elderly people."

On what she is currently doing

"Post Covid 19, from November 2020 to February 2024, I was associated with The Nudge Institute as a Consultant Trainer to train rural and urban youth on employability skills through an online platform.  Currently, I am working as an Independent Consultant on a freelance basis supporting NGOs with their training needs and documentation needs."

On her experience with WisdomCircle

I recently joined WisdomCircle and am happy that this platform provides meaningful opportunities to experienced professionals. I have come across various opportunities that suit my needs. Recently, I got an opportunity to engage with an elderly emotional support platform. I have been identified as “Sukoon Sarthi” to listen empathetically to the concerns and feelings of elderly people. I look forward to engaging in more such meaningful projects and making an impact in the lives of people."

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graphic of a person helping another one up a set of stairs symbolising guidance

Mentors and mentorship: what do they mean to WisGen?

In our community, we asked our members, what are their thoughts on Mentors, being mentored, and mentoring others. Read their insights and stories in the blog. 

Bauhaus style AI image of a woman kneeling in front of a child

Making Peace with Yourself

Shoba Narayan, in her latest blog, writes, “One of the things that all of us ought to do in the second half of our lives is take stock of the people we have become and decide if we can make peace with this older version of ourselves..." Find out how she has been able to reconnect with herself. 

Image of a person windsurfing at sunset

Drifting to Happiness

Dipak Mane, Advisor to the Executive Board-Bühler Switzerland, among many others, wirtes how he was able to find his purpose and happiness in his career. 

To share your articles, blogs, and other written content related to your post-retirement experience, write to us at content@wisdomcircle.com

WisdomCircle honours those challenging cultural expectations of elders slowing down and retreating into retirement by shining light on their journey through an inspiring series called “Wisdom Stories”. 

We interviewed Jija Hari Singh, one of the honourees of 58 Over 58, a collaborative endeavour spearheaded by WisdomCircle and INK. The mission is to spotlight the narratives of 58 remarkable individuals annually who are meaningfully engaged in their post-retirement phase.

In her interview she says, “The defining moment that sculpted my current journey is the Kargil story which unfolded before me quite by chance. It was 1999, an era when television was still new. The visuals I saw on the news that evening would resonate eternally, changing the course of my life. I saw a slender, young woman full-term pregnant, her dreams interwoven with the arrival of her child, standing in grief, receiving the cold coffin of her husband…The image of her inconsolable sorrow haunted my consciousness. It was in that poignant moment that my resolve to help the Kargil widows took shape leading to an exhibition of my paintings. All the money I got, Rs 2.53 Lakhs, was donated to the Kargil Widows Fund…My name and story were mentioned in the book ‘Kargil: From Surprise To Victory’. That exhibition of my paintings in the India Habitat Centre exhibition, opened by Anjolie Ela Menon, led me to embark on a journey of supporting the helpless through modest yet impactful means.

Image of Jija Hari Singh

Have an achievement you'd like to share with us? Write to us at engage@wisdomcircle.com.

Image of Suniel Guptaa

A fulfilling Post-Retirement Journey 

Dignity Dialogue, India’s leading magazine for senior citizens, features Suniel Guptaa, a certified life coach, soft skills trainer and author, who has been able to continue working independently post-retirement, driven by the pursuit of autonomy and creating a meaningful impact through WisdomCircle.

Through us, he was placed at Kshamata, an NGO dedicated to aiding vulnerable women. As a Social Enterprise Development Officer, Suniel collaborates with senior management, supports job readiness initiatives, and contributes to capacity-building.

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