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We are into the last quarter of this year, how time has flown! What are you grateful for this year? Is there something you really wanted to do? Maybe now is the time.

Retirement does give you the gift of time. You can take a step back from many of your responsibilities, and take up things you want. This month, we asked our community “What are some unique or unexpected ways you’ve found to stay mentally and physically active in retirement?” Read on to find out what they shared.

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Admit Beacon is seeking a dedicated and experienced Soft Skills Trainer to conduct soft skills training sessions for students aiming to excel in MBA and Masters degree admissions.

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4th Wheel Social Impact looking for a Human Resource Consultant to enhance their HR processes, and ensure a nurturing and efficient workplace environment.

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PluginLive is looking for two Consultants – Candidate Evaluation- industry/domain/tech experts who can help interview and evaluate candidates in the hiring process, particularly to evaluate fitment from a technical knowledge perspective.

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Damani Foundation is looking for multiple Subject Teachers for Residential school who are passionate about working with underprivileged students and bring long term commitment to their educational growth.

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Hitachi Energy is are looking for a Project Management Consultant, High Terrain and Project Management Consultant, HSE (Health, Safety & Environment), High & Hilly Terrain to join the team for the prestigious Leh HVDC project initiated by the Government of India.

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Claylab Education Foundation is looking for Mentor (Volunteers) to virtually help students from Grade 10,11 and 12 with career readiness, employability skills and active citizenship.

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Tan90 is looking for multiple STEM Edupreneurs to become STEM teachers in their locality (Bengaluru), and make STEM learning fun and practical for young school students.

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Packfora is looking for a Business Finance Partner to support their team in developing and implementing effective financial plans and budgets. 

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WisdomCircle routinely organises events for our valued members. These sessions are thoughtfully curated to align with the unique interests, needs, and aspirations of our community.

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Jagdish an ex-Executive Director and CEO at Bharti Airtel, and currently an Executive Coach. In this session, he will recount his exploration of various avenues post an early-retirement, including a return to the industry as a management consultant, and his eventual transition to executive coaching.

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About Shyam Sundar 

Shyam, an engineer, began his career at HCL Limited. He pursued further studies with a PGDP from IIFT, New Delhi, and an MBA from Ecole Nationale Des Ponts et Chaussees (ENPC) in Paris. He worked with PTC in Product Lifecycle Management, set up their Chennai office, and later ventured into entrepreneurship in the US. After a stint in London with ITC Infotech, he joined Dassault Systems in Bangalore, eventually spending a decade with Siemens Industry Software in India. Shyam aimed to retire at 50 but finally made the decision at 55.

On what he did post-retirement

Shyam retired with a clear purpose – to make the most of his post-retirement years. He recognised that, with modern longevity, he could lead an active life well into his 70s. To ensure he had no regrets, Shyam embraced his love for sports and music, taking up cycling, where he averages 100 km weekly, and began expressing his love for the guitar, spending hours honing his new skill and composing. He delved into the capital markets, spent time understanding the variables affecting the stock market and has been able to grow his wealth by defeating inflation. Shyam has also been practising Vipassana meditation, dedicating weekly hours to its pursuit.

Beyond his passions, Shyam cherishes time with family and friends, enjoys Netflix series, and listens to his favourite musicians like The Beatles, Led Zepellin, Lucky Ali, and P.B Sreenivas. Adventurous activities like skydiving, scuba diving, sea swimming, and solo motorcycle touring added spice to his life.

What Shyam is currently doing

Through WisdomCircle, he was placed in the Grand Manager program at a prominent Business Analytics Company in Bangalore. Shyam leverages his extensive professional background and acts as a mentor to young leaders within the company, helping them gain a deeper understanding of the business context and the challenges faced by their clients.

Shyam also serves as a subject matter expert for Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) in the field of PLM, drawing upon his substantial career experience with the three major technology players in this domain. Shyam is actively advising PwC on the PLM aspect of a large-scale digital project located in western India for a prominent Engineering conglomerate.

His experience with WisdomCircle

"At the beginning of the year, a WisdomCircle employee contacted me about a consulting opportunity at a business analytics company. They wanted me to join a group of mentors for the young leaders at the company. The opportunity was very relevant, and more importantly, I found WisdomCircle to be smart, honest, and straightforward in their approach. I have also met their senior leadership and found them to be knowledgeable yet honest, feet-on-the-ground executives with a clear plan for execution, which I value the most when dealing with business partners."

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Ms. Nandita Sinha, in response to our question, "What are some unique or unexpected ways you’ve found to stay mentally and physically active in retirement? How has this contributed to your overall well-being?" writes “I like to stay mentally and physically active by telling stories, solving sudoku puzzles, and gardening.”

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Shoba Narayan, an award winning writer, in her latest blog for WisdomCircle writes, "Say you are 54 and you are reading this essay. Okay, you think, let me redesign my life to adjust for the fact that I may live longer...If science is to be believed, and barring medical misfortunes, you have a good 20 years of productive life ahead of you. Isn’t that enough to replenish your savings? Isn’t it time to live your dream?"

To share your articles, blogs, and other written content related to your post-retirement experience, write to us at content@wisdomcircle.com

WisdomCircle honours those challenging cultural expectations of elders slowing down and retreating into retirement by shining light on their journey through an inspiring series called “Wisdom Stories”. 

Dr. Sabina Pillai, in her interview with Saonli Sen Choudhury, says "‘being’ is not enough, but ‘becoming’ is of the essence”. Read more about how she embraced her wisdom and authenticity in her senior years.

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On September 24 WisdomCircle, in collaboration with INK Talks launched 58 Over 58. The event was more successful and well received than we could have imagined. In a world that often focuses on youth, this remarkable event shed light on the narratives of 58 exceptional WisGen* carefully selected from across India who are smashing stereotypes and #RetiringRetirement. After all, The future is bright, and it belongs to those who dare to dream, no matter their age.

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At WisdomCircle, we're excited to be pioneers in reshaping retirement and challenging ageism in the workforce. Our team attended the HR Technology and People Analytics Summit, hosted by Inventicon Business Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. where they engaged in insightful discussions, learned from industry leaders, and gained valuable insights to advance our mission of connecting retirees with organisations in need of niche or specific expertise.

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Curated By: Vaibhavi Prashanth and Shitanshu Maurya from WisdomCircle


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