Wisdom Stories Ep.5: Ms. Daisy Malik


Cultural expectations surrounding the elderly are being challenged today, and with good reason!

While it was the norm to slow down and retreat into a quieter life post-retirement, more men and women are finding purpose and joy in doing the opposite.

WisdomCircle honours such men and women by shining light on their journey through an inspiring series called “Wisdom Stories”. These people have successfully smashed stereotypes, and their stories remind us that life should be lived to the fullest, no matter what age or stage.

My journey began as a teacher in a pre-nursery school, where I had the joy of having my two and three-year-old children by my side. Education has always been my passion, and it drove me to pursue a B.Ed. degree. I was committed to making a difference in the early years of children’s lives and worked extensively to promote their mental stimulation through Time-Life books.

Ms. Daisy Malik

During my spiritual journey as a member of the Buddhist organisation, Sokka Gakkai International, I was inspired by the teachings of my mentors. I recommitted to my dream of Montessori education and led two kindergarten schools. I also ran teacher training programmes across India.

In 2009, the birth of our first grandchild brought about a profound transformation in my life. He was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, rendering his immune system fragile and vulnerable. This propelled us to eliminate chemically-infused products from our lives. What initially appeared as a tough challenge became a catalyst for growth, ultimately culminating in the birth of The Roots Natural and Organic Food Store in 2010. Today, I feel immense gratitude and joy witnessing the incredible journey of our grandson—a happy and healthy young boy, now free from food allergies and lifestyle diseases.

Advocating sustainability since 2010

The Roots is more than just a retail store. It is a vibrant, close-knit community devoted to promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Our passion for organic food is at the heart of everything we do. My family is an integral part of this business. My husband Rakesh manages the financial aspect; my daughter Sunayana is our business developer; and my daughter Neetika runs everything digital for the store.

The family that works together, stays together

What keeps me energised is my purpose, which is to promote health and sustainability. I stay eternally youthful by pursuing meaningful endeavours that positively impact the world around me. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this remarkable journey towards wellness and sustainability.

Daisy Malik, Founder of The Roots Organic and Natural Store

Photo and Interview Credits: Saonli Sen Choudhury of WisdomCircle

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