How Organisations Benefit from Retirees Joining the Workforce

Retirees Joining the Workforce

Hire retirees, hire seniors

Retirement, although synonymous with leisure time, can also have a negative connotation to it. Someone who has worked for the better part of two decades, suddenly becomes a liability to the company to keep on their payroll. Today, with the world becoming older as lifespans and mortality rates increase, it is imperative that retirement be a choice and not a compulsion based on age. This will help retirees live healthier, more meaningful lives and act as catalysts for organisational growth, owing to their knowledge and experience. This article will highlight the need for organisations to hire retirees, and how they can transform the fabric of the company.

1. Experienced Talent

People who have retired from the workforce have honed their skill set and knowledge over time. This pool of people is a treasure trove of talent which is just waiting to be leveraged. Their depth of experience can help in avoiding mistakes that they have already made. They bring a unique perspective to the table, add to the multigenerational workforce, and contribute to organisational success.

2. Skill Shortages

The global workforce is suffering due to shortages in talent in the global market. This skill shortage is forcing companies to look outside the purview of traditional recruitment and look at the once marginalised group of retired professionals. A new report from Manpower, confirms that 34% of the 30,000 employers from 41 countries that participated in their research, are now willing to hire seniors. The retired workforce comes equipped with skills they have honed over the years, which can be readily used to fill in organisational gaps and escalate efficiency.

3. Diversity and Inclusion

Companies have started focusing on diversity and inclusion extensively. But, in today’s context, diversity and inclusion is almost synonymous with gender and race. A PWC study from 2019 revealed that only 8% of companies include age in their DEI strategies. With the population of retirees increasing year-on-year, the strain of the economy is falling on the increasingly smaller population of the working generations. Age diversity is important as it takes this strain away and provides a multigenerational workforce which can increase adaptability and cross-generational collaboration across perspectives.

4. Work Ethic and Reliability

Retired professionals tend to show strong traits of reliability and trustworthiness. This is due to the simple fact that their motivations for pursuing a job post-retirement are vastly different from the younger generations of the workforce. While the younger generations are more focused on

building their career and earning money, the retired folks have already been there and done that. Employers don’t have to worry about managing their careers. Their motivations to rejoin the workforce vary from wanting to be meaningfully engaged to wanting to  apply their knowledge to help companies to grow, keeping themselves intellectually stimulated or mentoring the youth.

5. Flexibility and Cost Savings

Hiring retirees is without a doubt more flexible and time-saving than traditional recruiting. Platforms like WisdomCircle have proven time and again that seniors are motivated to work in a good environment and deliver quality work. This greatly reduces the lifecycle of recruitment, and an added benefit is that they are available to join immediately since they don’t have any notice periods to serve.  

6. Mentoring

The experience that retirees have can be well translated into teachings for the present workforce. They can provide guidance and mentorship to the youth by helping them navigate the corporate world better. They can set realistic expectations for freshers who are keen to join the industry. Retirees can ease them into the transition period and become great mentors to them. In return, they would also learn a lot from their co-workers in the organisation and keep growing.

7. Increased Innovation

Retirees have seen the highs and lows in the corporate world. They have lived the situations that people are studying about right now. This gives them amazing problem-solving skills, resilience and adaptability to respond to situations. They can bring their unique perspective pertaining to problems dependent on their vast experience.  

8. Improved Morale

Retirees rejoining the workforce can improve morale by sharing their experiences and providing support and encouragement to their peers. Having experienced a full-time career for more than two decades, they are in a unique position to share their learnings. They can lead by example, showcasing the importance of work-life balance and positive work culture in the team.


All in all, when you hire seniors in the workforce, they act as catalysts to organisational growth, bringing with them their unique professional journey and experiences, work ethic, and skills that they can inculcate in the entire team by virtue of proximity. WisdomCircle has seen firsthand the impact that retirees have had on the different companies across sectors and industries. They have solved for the core challenges that act as bottlenecks in companies’ growth, helped in mentoring the company leadership and so much more. Learn more by exploring here: <

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