Retirees Empowering Growth in the Electric Vehicle Industry

Retirees Empowering Growth

With the rapidly changing times and exponential technological advancement happening in the last few years, nothing seems impossible. The automotive industry has undergone a massive shift with the introduction of Electric Vehicles. This is driven by technological innovation, growing environmental concerns, and evolving customer demands. Many companies are doing groundbreaking work in this segment. Global EV marketing is growing at a staggering CAGR of 21.7%1. 

As with every breakthrough, some challenges can impede the development of this sector. “The EV industry must resolve challenges involving safety, range, and battery technology”2 to sustain and grow. Stakeholders are addressing these issues through research with the help of industry experts and regulatory support. These kinds of experts can be found on the WisdomCircle platform. WisdomCircle has access to a wide variety of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who have experience working in the automobile industry, renewable energy industry, etc, and are looking for post retirement jobs

Many Electric Vehicle companies have leveraged the experience and expertise of WisGen to fill in the skill gap and allow for exponential growth. This is both, in terms of requiring SMEs and consultants who could advise them on the product and way forward, and for more functional roles like Finance, HR, Accounts, etc. needed for backend operations. This article will speak about one such success story.

The Organisation:

An Indian VC-funded start-up established in 2018 based in Bangalore and Indore. They are reinventing personal mobility by manufacturing electric vehicles. They built a microcar designed for the Indian market which seeks to solve the traffic congestion problem. The microcar is built with the safety of a small car and the mobility of a bike. 


They needed a Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) Consultant who had a deep technological experience in NVH and had worked for large Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in the past. They preferred someone who had worked on passenger cars and not the bigger commercial vehicles. This consultant needed to conduct an NVH analysis of the vehicle prototypes and identify sources of noise and vibration. They were also required to suggest possible solutions for the problems in the prototype, see it executed under their guidance, and test it again to check whether the problem was solved.   

It was a contractual commitment for 8 weeks with the candidate having to work for 5-6 hours in a week and getting paid on an hourly basis. 

Challenge faced in Hiring:

Due to the specific and niche nature of requirements that the organisation had, they were finding it difficult to source the right candidate for the job who could work seamlessly in the electric microcar space. 

This is when they turned to WisdomCircle and the unique talent pool that we offer. We understood the job requirement and pain points of the organisation well and started the process of getting them the right candidate. 

How WisdomCircle Helped:

The organisation listed the job opportunity for an NVH Consultant on the WisdomCircle platform. WisdomCircle reached out to the WisGen whose experience matched the JD and recommended by the inbuilt AI tool, and nudged them to apply for the role. Additionally, we used other channels to source the right candidates for the role and got many organic applications as well. After the initial screening, WisdomCircle shared the first set of relevant applications with the recruiter within a week. In fifteen days, the recruiter had shortlisted, interviewed, and finalised the candidate that they wanted as a consultant. This agility Is imperative for startups that operate on tight schedules and deadlines and need the hustle and commitment to grow exponentially. 

The Candidate:

WisdomCircle helped the recruiter hire an experienced consultant who could be a co-ideator and guide the team forward.  

This candidate was an NVH specialist and had been working in the automotive industry for more than 34 years in two of the biggest automobile manufacturing companies in India. He retired from his full-time job in June 2023 and was looking for jobs for senior citizens. ever since. He had experience in bringing NVH refinement or ICE and EVs for passenger and commercial vehicles alike. He had also designed two and three-wheeled vehicles with minimum vibrations and noise. He joined the WisdomCircle platform at the beginning of July 2023 and within a month, was connected to and started conversations with this EV startup. 


The Electric Vehicle industry is disrupting the market and expanding at an exponential pace. In the above case study, WisdomCircle solved a very specific and niche pain point that this EV startup had. This is just one of the many examples where we have helped companies across sectors and industries to solve their challenges by leveraging WisGen. This has been through mentoring employees for their roles, advising, consulting, strategising for both, niche roles and more generalised requirements. 


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