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Retirees are set to take up the cudgel of re-engagement with the workplace in their efforts of creating value in life with longevity. This, as well as the economics of living into the 80s, needs seniors to be engaged in productive work increasing the feeling of self-worth along with a host of cognitive benefits as well as reducing dependency on the younger population and. Here are the 7 most important reasons why retirees should look for relevant jobs post-retirement in general and sign up with WisdomCircle in particular.

  • The Data Speaks:

The first reason is tied in with India’s elderly population data. Pegged at 138 million in 2021 by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, this number is projected to skyrocket to 320 million by 2050. Longevity thus demands financial planning and ultimately, independence for the age group of 50 and above. WisdomCircle believes that the quality of life as we age can be improved by staying mentally active and engaged in meaningful ways and it helps them find meaningful things to do post-retirement at a pace that suits them; while providing the choice of giving back to society or that of being remunerated for services rendered.

  • The Team:

Another reason is the profile of the company itself. It was launched in 2022 by its Founder Neeraj Sagar, who has a deep understanding of the subject after working for 15 years at Egon Zehnder. Under his stewardship the company is moving from strength to strength, listing an increasing number of opportunities in the fields of Education, Social Impact and Domain. The Team working at WisdomCircle is highly skilled, educated at premier institutions and committed to the company’s mission. Some are WisGen themselves and have experienced working post-retirement; others know family members going through similar challenges – this keeps them invested in the company’s future trajectory. The Users on the platform today testify that any calls for help are dealt with politely, respectfully and with a positive attitude.

  • The Trust Factor/ Future forward:

Next is the fact that WisdomCircle is a trusted platform that is transparent in terms of its mission and operations. The clarity in its working ensures that the users have faith in the system. This, coupled with the fact that efficiency is the cornerstone of the company’s work makes this the go-to platform for relevant work opportunities for retired professionals. As with every start-up, WisdomCircle is just at the beginning of its highly upward trajectory in terms of the success of its platform and more so in terms of user-satisfaction. There will be exciting new offerings, constant upgradation and the effort to be the best that retirees can reach out to. The next few decades are an exciting journey in the field of age tech and WisdomCircle is steadfast in the part it will play in the future of age-tech.

  • Potpourri of Opportunities:

Another important reason is the company’s belief that good talent is hard to come by, expert advisors even harder and they work at resolving this problem by re-integrating experienced retired professionals into the workforce in novel ways, part-time or otherwise, that prove cost-effective and impactful. They believe there could be experts, and mentors, across domains, who help nurture talent and guide organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit, through continuous engagement; There could be a million teachers & mentors, who rise from those who have a lifetime of professional experience, whether they have taught before or not; There are retiring armed forces personnel who could be helped to transition into the civilian world of work; and so much more.

  • The Technical Edge:

Then there is the ease of navigating the WisdomCircle platform – constantly being upgraded to improve usability, working to ensure a website that is professional, where seamless navigation provides the relevant information that a User seeks, in an effortless manner. This is accomplished by constant testing and working on feedback from retirees. Users come first, with appropriate verbiage, accessible content architecture, visual simplicity, and improved navigability day by day. Continued efforts are ongoing to provide specific and qualitative improvements to source the information that our users need efficiently and responsively. The Team constantly engages with WisGen to find out the problems they face in using the platform, creating profiles and finding opportunities. These encumbrances are ironed out to provide an efficient user-experience in the future.

  • Curated Engagement:

Unique in its mantra is WisdomCircle curating roles that retirees can engage with, at their own pace. Opportunities are created that are full time or part time and with a choice of online, offline or hybrid form of engagement. The pain points of retired professionals are analysed, and a holistic and beneficial solution is attempted for the same.

  • Engaging Empowerment:

Finally, WisdomCircle is in the business of enabling retirees. This is proven through their efforts in providing a service that makes retired professionals feel valued and useful; it allows retirees pass on their accumulated wisdom to those that need it and will benefit from it; and assures financial independence at a critical juncture in life. The cumulative effect of this empowerment is seniors’ physical and psychological well-being. If WisdomCircle achieves even a small part of what it aspires to, it has done its job and is the reason for a retiree to sign up.

With the clock ticking, why wait? Check out https://www.wisdomcircle.com today!

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