Why WisdomCircle Has Become The Most Trusted Platform For Senior Professionals

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WisdomCircle is disrupting the traditional job market and connecting the worlds of retirement and recruitment through its senior citizen job portal. With the advancement in healthcare,  people are living longer, healthier lives, and wanting to take up jobs after retirement. It is imperative that the mind stays engaged and intellectually stimulated to avoid the risk of mental disorders like dementia, Alzheimer’s, and such. We want to make retirement a choice for senior professionals, not a compulsion. The WisdomCircle platform has been designed keeping in mind our target group, the WisGen, and the recruiters who hire them. This blog will delve into some of the ways that have made the WisdomCircle platform the most trusted platform for senior professionals. 

  1. Transparency 

We believe in and practise complete transparency in the process of recruitment. WisGen is kept in the loop and updated regularly about their application status and the next steps. We act as a facilitator and try to reduce the anxiety and frustration that comes with waiting for the recruiter to get back.

  1. Tailor-made Job Opportunities

We are very selective about the companies that list on the WisdomCircle platform. Those who do list are vetted thoroughly by the WisdomCircle internal team. All the job opportunities that are posted on the platform are tailor-made for people above the age of 50 years and require a certain experience and skill-set.  

  1. CV Updation Services

Having a good profile highlighting one’s experience and skills is key to attracting the attention of recruiters. WisdomCircle offers senior professionals the option of getting help for updating their CVs. We help speed up the process of updating the CV and highlight the strengths of the professionals to make it more eye-catching for the recruiters.  

  1. Profile Verification

We offer senior professionals the option of getting their profiles verified through a third-party vendor. This grants more credibility to their profile and appears top of the pile for recruiters to see. 

  1. Job Recommendations

WisdomCircle has an inbuilt AI tool that matches keywords from the candidate’s profile to the job opportunities on the platform and recommends the most relevant ones to the senior professional. This helps professionals find the best job matching their capabilities and experience.  

  1. Video Introduction

The one-minute video introduction allows senior professionals to speak about themselves in their unique style and tell recruiters about their experience, interests, and why they want to work post-retirement. This showcases their communication skills and how well they can articulate their thoughts. It will provide a great window for recruiters to see you through and you can show them whatever you want. 

  1. Psychometric Test

A scientifically researched gamified personality test is available on the WisdomCircle platform which categorises professionals into personalities helping them know more about themselves. This psychometric test also gives recruiters an insight into the kind of worker a retiree is and what motivates and energises them in the workplace. It would help recruiters make faster and more informed decisions about how best the retiree will fit in at their company. 

  1. WisdomCircle Community

WisdomCircle has thousands of senior professionals on the platform which increases by the hundreds every day. We have formed a community of retirees where like-minded people can engage, share ideas and experiences, learn from each other, and grow. 

  1. Engagement Sessions

We organise approximately two engagement sessions in a week by experts and other retirees on various topics spanning the professional sphere. It includes various topics including but not limited to navigating retirement, working post-retirement, writing a will, etc. 


WisdomCircle is trying to solve for the untapped market of retirees who are a treasure trove of talent and experience. We are trying to raise awareness about the importance of having senior professionals on the team, and why age diversity is important for a company’s holistic growth. We want to make retirement a choice for older adults and help keep their minds intellectually stimulated and active, to avoid the threat of mental disorders. 

We are trying to make this process as smooth and user friendly as possible. Mentioned above are just some of the ways in which we have tried to make the whole process of finding jobs after retirement easier for senior professionals. WisdomCircle is not only trying to help these professionals get jobs but also helping them learn and grow as individuals through the diverse engagement sessions. The community of WisGen ensures that they feel connected to other retirees and have an even exchange of thoughts and experiences. There are a lot of healthcare, housing, and caregiving solutions available in the market for this particular group of individuals. We are the largest job portal in India working for retirees and helping them stay active by starting their own encore careers post-retirement.

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