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Where did all the time go, huh? It's November already, so we hope you've been able to fulfil one of the goals for this year, or are at least working towards it. If not, fret not. It's only November, you can still start. 

On the topic of goals, we accomplished a major one - 150+ (154 to be exact) WisGen have been placed! It truly gave us all at WisdomCircle an additional reason to be joyous during the festive season. 

In this edition, we're thrilled share insights from WisGen* community members, like you, on how they are uniquely positioned to benefit organisations.

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For November, we've used an image of the Nyctanthes arbor-tristis more commonly known as the "night-blooming jasmine" or "parijatha". Night-flowering Jasmine is its strong and delightful fragrance that intensifies at night, is associated with moonlit nights and is often celebrated in poetry and cultural references.

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Aurolab is looking for a Commercial Advisor, International Division to mentor, advise, support and supervise their team for International sales and marketing efforts.

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PluginLive is looking for two Consultants – Candidate Evaluation- industry/domain/tech experts who can help interview and evaluate candidates in the hiring process, particularly to evaluate fitment from a technical knowledge perspective.

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Udhyam Learning Foundation is looking for Mentors for their Udhyam Incubation Program. This program aims to help businesses run by ITI incubates move from INR 2000 - 5000 monthly profit to INR 12-15k profit.

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The Wirtgen Group is a looking for a Brand Ambassador, Patna who can support and cultivate robust relationships with customers, gain insight into market trends to offer feedback and assistance in refining strategies, and more.

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The Wirtgen Group is a looking for a Brand Ambassador, Guwahati who can support and cultivate robust relationships with customers, gain insight into market trends to offer feedback and assistance in refining strategies, and more.

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WisdomCircle routinely organises events for our valued members. These sessions are thoughtfully curated to align with the unique interests, needs, and aspirations of our community.

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Unravel some common misconceptions and mistakes and cover the various avenues available for investment with Sukhman Singh Chug from Strata. 

Thursday, Nov 23 | 4 to 5 PM IST

Register for Curiosity Talks

Hear Meena discuss her journey in the non-profit and corporate world; about the challenges and joys of working in social development and CSR; and the writing process.

Wednesday, Nov 22 | 5 to 6 PM IST

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About Rajeev Khade 

Rajeev has around 37 years of experience in Manufacturing IT. He has worked for MNC Organisations at the leadership level across regional and global levels. He has experience designing group-level IT Strategies, Policies & IT roadmaps for achieving growth through process innovation and progressive change management.

On what he wanted to do post-retirement

With his experience in Information Technology, he wanted to assist organisations as a Technology solution provider. He wished to give back to society what he had learned. He also wanted to guide young professionals- using learnings from his life experiences and helping implement them in their personal lives. Being happy in his own life and making others succeed and lead a happy life is what he believes.

What Rajeev is currently doing

Rajeev is an Advisor and mentor to various small and medium-sized enterprises and big organisations, strategically guiding them to achieve their business objectives. Through WisdomCircle, he was recently placed as an Advisor, Information Systems at an engineering conglomerate. He mentors young students in selecting the right career. Also, he guides young budding professionals graduating from educational institutes and stepping into the corporate world to make them understand the expectations of the corporate world.

His experience with WisdomCircle

"My experience with WisdomCircle has been extremely pleasant in pitching in my profile at the right place. It was a perfect match of the organisation's requirements vs my profile. The staff at WisdomCircle has been extremely professional and cooperative during the process. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to them.”

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Shoba Narayan delves into a thought-provoking topic we've all contemplated at some point: Can money buy happiness? 

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Sitharaam Jayakumar shares his personal challenges, the path to a fulfilling writing career, and the significance of routine in post-retirement life.

I'm an energised senior lady sharing ideas with the youth in the workplace

In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workplace, the contributions of retirees often go unnoticed. We asked you, “What qualities, skills, or experiences do you believe retirees bring to the workplace that make a significant impact and benefit organisations?” and here is what we received. 

To share your articles, blogs, and other written content related to your post-retirement experience, write to us at content@wisdomcircle.com

WisdomCircle honours those challenging cultural expectations of elders slowing down and retreating into retirement by shining light on their journey through an inspiring series called “Wisdom Stories”. 

Neelima Dalmia Adhar, author of “Father Dearest: The Life and Times of R. K. Dalmia” and more books, shares in her interview, “Over the years, I have come to realise that the best thing about ‘being me’ is that I’m a limited edition and there are no other copies. I cannot please everyone, so I don’t kill myself trying or feel guilty if I fail. My husband, children and grandchildren have given me a solid grounding, and continue to spur me on. I take inspiration from the younger generation and greedily absorb their youthful energy which I feel is the best antidote to ageing.”

Swati, from WisdomCircle took part in a 5K run and placed 1st in the 60-70 years runners category!

She writes, “I was watching the young ones running alongside me. They would sprint very fast for 100 metres, run out of steam and slow down to a walk where I would catch up with them doing my cadenced effort. Seemed so similar to our approaches to life’s challenges. When younger, I would rush into situations, without pacing myself and soon lose the motivation required to see things through. I would love to send a message to my younger self to say, ‘take it easy, keep up a sustained effort, stay focused on the goal and concentrate on doing a job well rather than completing it in record time.

Have an achievement you'd like to share with us? Write to us at engage@wisdomcircle.com

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Our Founder and CEO, Neeraj Sagar, recently sat down for an interview with Radio One. He talks about WisdomCirlce , our mission, and how we connect people over 50 with organisations seeking their expertise.

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Join the SecondAct Midlife Liberation Retreat for a 3-day transformative experience at Rumi Farms (Gurgaon), featuring guided workshops, outdoor activities, expert advice, and a supportive community to redefine your purpose and reignite passion—limited entries available.

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